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Learning from the Best: How Chinese Smartphone Brands Adapt and Succeed

One of the strengths of Chinese smartphone brands lies in their ability to learn quickly. They actively study the strengths of Samsung and Apple phones, even down to the naming conventions. Initially, Apple and Samsung used suffixes like “Pro” and “Max” to name their phones. Chinese smartphone manufacturers followed suit and started naming their flagship phones in a similar manner. Later, Samsung introduced a top-tier flagship with the suffix “Ultra,” prompting several Chinese smartphone manufacturers to follow suit and release their own “Ultra” flagship phones.

While this behavior may not be considered commendable, for some Chinese smartphone manufacturers, it becomes a necessary strategy. If their competitors are adopting a certain approach, not doing so would put them at a disadvantage. For instance, OPPO’s new flagship, the OPPO Find X7 series, had its top-tier flagship renamed to OPPO Find X7 Ultra. The previous generation’s top-tier flagship was named OPPO Find X6 Pro. Due to the suffix “Ultra” used by other competitors for similar flagship models, the OPPO Find X6 Pro seemed slightly inferior, affecting its sales performance.

The OPPO Find X6 Pro was priced as high as 5999 yuan, representing the pinnacle of OPPO’s capabilities. However, a Xiaomi model, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, also priced at 5999 yuan, appeared as a stronger contender due to its naming. Even though the performance of these two flagships did not significantly differ, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra surpassed the OPPO Find X6 Pro in terms of popularity and sales.

Therefore, in the new generation of flagships, OPPO’s top-tier flagship, which should have been named OPPO Find X7 Pro, was renamed to OPPO Find X7 Ultra. While this renaming might not necessarily have a significant impact, it at least prevents them from falling behind. However, the arrival of the new generation of flagships has impacted the sales of the OPPO Find X6 Pro. During the Chinese New Year shopping festival, OPPO has already started offering discounts and subsidies for this flagship, significantly boosting its competitiveness.

Being a former flagship with a starting price of 5999 yuan, the OPPO Find X6 Pro still boasts impressive capabilities, especially in terms of its imaging abilities. It features a super-imaging system with a large main camera and up to 120x zoom capability, as well as the added advantage of a Hasselblad mobile imaging system. Additionally, it is equipped with an optimized Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, a high-definition 2K dynamic display, a 5000mAh battery with 100W fast charging and 50W wireless charging, and top-level IP68 waterproofing.

During the Chinese New Year festival, with official price reductions and platform subsidies, the starting price of this flagship smartphone has dropped to around 4245 yuan, a reduction of 1754 yuan. Such a significant price decrease has resulted in a surge in its sales. Purchasing this flagship now is indeed a smart move.

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