Apple iOS 17.3 Released: New Theft Protection & More Features

Apple Releases iOS 17.3 with Theft Protection and Other New Features

On January 23, Apple officially launched the iOS 17.3 system, marking a major update to the iOS system. The update includes added features such as theft protection for devices, collaborative Apple Music playlists, and several other interesting functionalities.

Earlier this year, there were reports about a series of iPhone theft cases, where thieves would monitor victims to obtain iPhone passwords before stealing their devices, leading to theft of bank account information and passwords, and making it difficult to track the stolen iPhones.

As a solution, Apple introduced theft protection for devices in iOS 17.3 to enhance security. In the event that a thief obtains both your iPhone and password, the theft protection feature prevents the aforementioned situation. Once enabled, with theft protection in place, accessing passwords in iCloud Keychain, turning off “Lost Mode,” erasing content, and making purchases in the Safari browser will require Face ID or Touch ID biometric authentication. Changing Apple ID passwords will also require Face ID and will have a one-hour security delay.

It is reported that all iPhones capable of running iOS 17 (including iPhone XS and newer models) offer theft protection for devices. This is an optional feature that can be enabled by going to “Face ID & Passcode” and toggling on “Theft Protection” in the “Settings” app.

iOS 17.3 also introduces collaborative Apple Music playlists. With this feature, users can access existing playlists or create new ones, and then invite others to join in adding songs and listening to the playlist. You can invite friends, family, and others who share similar music preferences, and there seems to be no limit to the number of contributors.

The new system also adds a concise emoji reaction feature, allowing listeners to add emoji reactions to any song that’s playing, to convey their feelings about it. When listening to a song in a playlist, if emoji reactions for that song were added by collaborators in the playlist, these emojis will animate when the song starts playing.

In addition to the aforementioned new content, iOS 17.3 also includes updates such as the application of AirPlay 2 in hotels, viewing AppleCare services, updates to the car crash detection feature, TV show and movie wish lists, and more.

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