iOS 17.3 Upgrade – More to See?

Exciting Updates in the World of Mobile Systems: ColorOS 14 Upgrade Plan

Is there anything more intriguing than the Apple iOS 17.3 system upgrade? Let’s face it, compared to Apple’s minor tweaks with every update, the user experience improvement in each system upgrade of domestic mobile phones is quite noticeable. Take the recently announced ColorOS 14 upgrade plan, for example. It not only covers a wide range of models but also includes several OnePlus models such as OnePlus 12, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Ace3, OnePlus Ace2Pro, and OnePlus Ace2, all of which will be among the first to receive the update. By the end of February, the push coverage will be completed, with a particular focus on optimizing interface design, animations, and interactive experiences.

Furthermore, the second batch of updates will bring long-awaited features such as black screen fingerprint unlock and lock screen support for displaying QQ Music. The upgrade is quite substantial. It must be said that OnePlus has indeed made an aggressive push in the market in recent years. With insane hardware configurations, and now catching up with software systems, anyone considering getting a new phone this year should seriously consider it. If the budget allows, OnePlus 12 is a great option with its top-tier 2K screen, 5400mAh large battery, high-pixel telephoto lens, and Hasselblad imaging algorithm. For a budget around two to three thousand, OnePlus Ace3 is worth considering with its well-balanced specifications and the added upgrade of a metal mid-frame, significantly improving the overall texture.

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