OnePlus 12 Global Launch; Ma Ups Alibaba Stake

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On the evening of January 23, Beijing time, OnePlus held a global launch event and officially introduced its flagship models OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R to the global market. Both new models are now available for pre-order. On the same evening, there were reports that Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, significantly increased his stake in the company, leading to a significant rise in Alibaba’s stock after the opening.

OnePlus 12 Global Release, Starting at $799.99, Competing with Samsung S24

On the night of January 23, following the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, OnePlus launched its second flagship phone of the year, the OnePlus 12. However, this phone had already been released in China in December last year. With the global launch event, it means that this phone will soon be available for purchase worldwide.

OnePlus 12

It is reported that the OnePlus 12 is now available for pre-order and will be shipped on February 6. It is priced starting at $799.99 (approximately 5738 RMB), which is consistent with the Samsung S24.

In addition to the OnePlus 12, the OnePlus 12R was also officially released at this event. The new model can be considered as the international version of the OnePlus Ace 3, featuring a 1.5K, 6.78-inch screen from and the previous generation Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform, priced starting at $499.99 (approximately 3586 RMB).

Morning Post Commentary: OnePlus still has many fans in the international market.

Alibaba’s Big Move? Foreign Media Reports Jack Ma’s Significant Purchase of Alibaba Shares

On the evening of January 23, CNMO learned that Alibaba’s US stock surged before the market opened, rising by more than 7% at one point. According to foreign media reports, Jack Ma has made significant purchases of Alibaba’s stock in recent months.


Alibaba Group later confirmed this news. Alibaba stated that the founder’s increased stake reflects his strong confidence in Alibaba’s future prospects, management team, and strategic direction. In addition, this also strongly refutes the previous rumors of Jack Ma selling off Alibaba. Not only has Jack Ma not sold a single share, but he is also continuously increasing his holdings.

A 13F filing on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission showed that another founder, Tsai Chongxin’s family fund Blue Pool, increased its holdings of Alibaba stock worth $1.5 billion. According to media reports, Jack Ma has also significantly increased his holdings of Alibaba stock during the same period.

Morning Post Commentary: Buying low and selling high, a common human behavior.

Apple’s Vision Pro Currently has Only Over 150 Native Apps, Experience May Suffer

With the pre-sale of Apple’s Vision Pro, this groundbreaking new product has attracted many buyers. However, some foreign media have indicated that new users of this product may be disappointed with the native applications chosen at the time of release, as only about 150 applications have been specifically made for the headsets.

Apple Vision Pro

Last weekend, data from AppFigures research published by TechCrunch showed that there are only over 150 applications updated to include specific features for Vision Pro, which means incorporating some form of virtual reality or mixed reality components. Although more native applications may be added when Vision Pro reaches the users, this is still a small number for a major new platform.

It’s understandable that there are very few native applications providing spatial computing elements. On one hand, this is because developers may be reluctant to invest resources in a platform with relatively few users, especially in the early stages of Vision Pro’s development. On the other hand, the limited hardware shared by Apple with developers also makes it difficult to assist in the development and testing of native applications.

Morning Post Commentary: Great hardware needs to be complemented by great software.

Xiaomi Responds to “Rumor of Xiaomi Car Delivery in June”: Related Information is Pure Fabrication

On January 23, CNMO noted that a spokesperson for Xiaomi refuted the “rumor of Xiaomi car delivery in June” on Weibo: Regarding the delivery time of Xiaomi cars, there are once again a large number of rumors. The related information is pure fabrication and completely groundless. It is reiterated that all official information about the release and delivery time of Xiaomi cars should be referred to the official announcements.

Xiaomi Car

Not long ago, Xiaomi also clarified and dispelled rumors about the price and images of Xiaomi cars. Wang Hua stated, “Until the official launch of Xiaomi car products, all information and posters containing the version and price of Xiaomi cars are fake!” It is impossible to have a price and policy before the official launch, so do not believe the so-called internal rumors, as no one knows the actual price, and even the official launch time, because everything has not been finalized.

Morning Post Commentary: When a product gains popularity, rumors abound.

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