Shenzhou T8 Ultimate Setup: i7 Gen 13 & RTX 4060 Full HD at ¥6999

ShenZhou’s New Gaming Laptop T8: A Worthwhile Investment

In the recent period, it seems that ShenZhou’s gaming laptops have lost some of their previous influence, mainly due to the lack of compelling configurations. Many users are now focusing on the 14th generation Intel Core processors or the budget-friendly 13th generation ones. Brands like Colorful and Mechrevo are also competing in terms of configurations and prices, offering a wide range of models. Nonetheless, the awaited update has finally arrived with the new configuration of the ShenZhou War God T8, priced at 6999 yuan, making it quite a worthy purchase.

ShenZhou T8

However, before delving into the specifications, let’s express some dissatisfaction. Back in 2023, we introduced the War God T8, which had undergone a comprehensive external upgrade, giving it an eye-catching appearance. Yet, looking at this new T8, it has reverted to its previous appearance. It appears that the so-called new appearance is exclusively designed for the high-end version of the 13th generation, which even the 14th generation War God from ShenZhou has not utilized. One might question whether ShenZhou can elevate the aesthetic appeal of their laptops.

ShenZhou T8 Appearance

In terms of hardware configuration, this laptop features the 13th generation Intel Core i7-13650HX processor, with ample core count and frequency. However, it only has a meager 16EU integrated graphics, meaning the laptop does not support a standalone integrated graphics mode; it’s either hybrid or directly connected discrete graphics. Apart from this, there are no other major shortcomings. The ShenZhou War God T8 is equipped with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, which should be sufficient for most users.

ShenZhou T8 Hardware Configuration

This laptop comes with a full-power 140W RTX 4060 graphics card, which performs well in benchmarking and gaming. As for the display, the War God T8 boasts impressive features, including a 16-inch 2560×1600 high-resolution screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Additionally, it features a 240Hz refresh rate, high color accuracy, and a peak brightness of 500 nits.

From this perspective, in the price range of 6999 yuan, it seems like the ShenZhou War God series has never offered such a rich package. The screen specifications even surpass those of the Lenovo Savior Y9000P, making it the most cost-effective aspect of this configuration. Sometimes, it’s not just about the CPU and graphics card; as long as they have good heat dissipation, they perform well. It’s the irreplaceable components like the screen that are most worthy of attention.

ShenZhou T8 Display

In terms of expansion interfaces, as it is a public version model, it comes with USB 2.0 interfaces, making the current 2A1C interface configuration insufficient. Therefore, it’s best to pair it with a USB Type-C expansion dock.

ShenZhou T8 Expansion Interfaces

In summary, what are the selling points of this laptop? Priced at 6999 yuan, it features the 13th generation Intel Core i7 paired with the full-power RTX 4060. Some users might argue that such configurations are not uncommon, but how many laptops can match these specifications when it comes to the display—resolution, brightness, refresh rate, and color accuracy? In comparison, the ShenZhou War God T8 stands out. As mentioned earlier, with a slightly better appearance, it would undoubtedly fly off the shelves.

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