Apple Tops, Honor 2nd, Huawei Off China’s Top 5 Phone Makers ’23

The fierce competition in the smartphone industry is intensifying, and every brand needs to maintain its reputation. As a result, we see various “battle reports” from smartphone manufacturers, with each claiming to be the best. However, when faced with actual data, all the embellishments are of no use.

Recently, IDC released the ranking of the top five smartphone manufacturers in China for 2023, and it’s worth pondering.

Top 5 Smartphone Makers in China 2023

The top five rankings are dominated by “Apple, Honor, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi,” which comes as no surprise.

Despite the online criticism, Apple maintains its top position with a market share of 17.3%. The prestige of being the top player is undeniable for Apple, considering it only sells high-end flagship iPhones. It’s safe to say that Apple rules the high-end smartphone market in China, which is also the most profitable segment. Apple seems to have a strong grip on the market.

Apple Tops, Honor 2nd, Huawei Off China's Top 5 Phone Makers 23-1

Surprisingly, the gap between Honor and Apple is not substantial, with a 17.1% market share, securing the second position.

Honor played it safe last year, with the well-received Honor Magic5 series at the beginning of the year, establishing its unique style. Budget-friendly options like Honor X50 and the Honor Digital series also contributed to its success. After separating from Huawei, Honor has been flourishing year by year.

Apple Tops, Honor 2nd, Huawei Off China's Top 5 Phone Makers 23-2

Following the release of the rankings, many netizens questioned why Huawei, despite its comeback, did not make it to the list.

The Huawei Mate60 Pro was launched at the end of August 2023, with less than six months of sales time. Moreover, it’s well known that Huawei was still in the process of ramping up its production capacity last year, and the Mate60 series was in high demand, making its sales growth relatively slow. Therefore, its absence from the list is reasonable.

However, things might change in 2024. The Huawei Mate60 series is selling well, and the mid-range and low-end segments are being reinforced by the Huawei nova12 series. Not to mention the upcoming P70 series. Let’s look forward to whether Huawei will make it to the list in 2024.

Apple Tops, Honor 2nd, Huawei Off China's Top 5 Phone Makers 23-3

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