Honor Tops 2023 Android Sales

Honor Tops 2023 Android Sales in China

After experiencing rapid recovery in the previous year, Honor demonstrated strong capabilities and steady growth in the 2023 market competition. According to the latest tracking report released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), Honor ranked first in Android shipments in both the fourth quarter and the full year of 2023 in the Chinese market. Additionally, in the market above $800 (5700 RMB), Honor’s market share significantly increased due to the outstanding performance of its foldable screen products. Apart from its excellent performance in the high-end market, the IDC report also pointed out Honor’s strong grasp of the offline consumer demand characteristics in the mid-to-low-end market, which is one of the significant factors behind its vigorous growth.


Established for three years, Honor, in the challenging and opportunistic market environment, once again solidified its leading position in the domestic market at the beginning of 2024, with innovation, quality, and service as its core competitive strengths.

In fact, Honor’s success is not accidental but rather a natural outcome based on sharp insights into market trends and sustained innovation rooted in consumer demand.

Blockbuster Star Products Lead the Way, Affordable and High-end Foldable Screen Phones Blossom

Let’s rewind back to the beginning of 2023.

At MWC, Honor unveiled the flagship Magic5 series, featuring “Qinghai Lake battery” and self-developed RF enhancement chip C1, marking a strong foray into the global high-end smartphone market. Honor became the most-discussed brand on overseas media platforms on the day MWC kicked off, which was owed to this move.


The Magic 5 series also achieved outstanding sales performance, with first-week sales increasing by 220% compared to the previous generation.

In the affordable and mid-range markets, Honor introduced several blockbuster products last year, such as Honor X50, Honor 90, and the Honor Play series. For instance, the Honor X50 broke the first-day sales record for new products priced between 0-2000 RMB in 2023, with over 500,000 units sold and an impressive 97% positive rating on JD.com, despite being priced at just over 1,000 RMB.

Honor Products

Another blockbuster was the Honor 90 series released in June.

According to the latest data from the Chao Dian Think Tank, in the second quarter of 2023, the Honor 90 ranked at the top with a remarkable sales volume of 2.12 million units in the price range of 200-399 USD. This surge in sales was sustainable, extending into the third quarter.

In the third quarter, the sales volume of both Honor X50 and Honor 90 exceeded 6 million units, accounting for approximately 51.7% of the total sales in the market. These figures clearly demonstrate the popularity and influence of the Honor X50 and Honor 90 in the market, laying a solid foundation for Honor’s annual sales last year.

Honor Sales

The Honor 100 series, released at the end of last year, witnessed a 260% increase in sales on e-commerce platforms compared to the previous year. The Honor 100 Pro’s first-day sales showed a 500% increase year-on-year.

On its debut day, the Honor 100 series broke all previous sales records in Honor’s history. Without a doubt, the Honor 100 series achieved remarkable success, although its performance is not fully reflected in last year’s sales due to its release towards the end of the year. Following tradition, the Honor 100 series is expected to maintain its momentum in the first half of this year. Will it once again lead Honor to the top position this quarter? The answer seems quite clear.

Honor 100 Series

Honor also introduced lightweight blockbuster products in the foldable screen market.

In the span of three months from July to October last year, Honor launched three flagship, lightweight foldable screen phones: the business-oriented Honor Magic V2, the stylish Honor V Purse, and the mainstream foldable phone Honor Magic Vs2, with prices ranging from 5,999 to 12,999 RMB.

According to Canalys’ report, in the third quarter of 2023, Honor reclaimed its top position in the China market in terms of share and shipments. The Magic V2 not only topped the growth in the inventory of horizontal foldable screen phones in August but also led in the sales of “large foldable” smartphones in the domestic market in the third quarter. # Honor’s Success Story in 2023

According to the research report from Omdia, Honor’s shipments in the high-end Magic series increased by 107.5% year on year and by 20% month on month, driven by the Honor Magic V2.

Furthermore, as of November last year, Honor’s in-house folding phone production exceeded 1 million units. Honor has strategically positioned its folding screen as a breakthrough product in the high-end market, and it has gained considerable recognition from both the market and consumers.

As mentioned in the report by Omdia, “In the high-end market above $600, Honor has significantly increased its market share with three new folding screen products, and the ultra-thin folding screen phone has become very popular.”

Human-centric Dual-drive Innovation Leads to Honor’s Sales and Brand Reputation

Honor’s lineup of highly anticipated star products covers a wide range, from mid-range to high-end smartphones and even includes folding screens. Throughout this process, Honor has consistently adhered to a “human-centric” product development philosophy, continuously innovating based on in-depth consumer insights.

For example, the Honor X50, launched in July, is considered the pinnacle of the Honor X series. It features a first-of-its-kind 1.5K ultra-clear eye-protecting curved screen, a 5800mAh ultra-durable battery, the first generation of the Snapdragon 6 mobile platform, a 100-megapixel main camera, and the new MagicOS operating system. With a 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming and natural light eye protection technology, as well as a robust ten-side drop resistance, the Honor X50 has become the consumers’ sought-after choice in the mid-range smartphone category.

The Honor 90 series, focusing on portrait photography, meets the core demands of the mainstream consumer group for mid-to-high-end smartphones. It is the first to introduce 3840Hz ultra-high-frequency dimming, marking the advent of a “zero-risk dimming” era.

The Honor 100 series, building on the strong foundation of the Honor 90 series in portrait photography, introduces the “oasis eye-care screen,” signaling the onset of an eye-care era.

Three models of the Honor Magic folding screen phones have successively brought a series of innovative experiences, such as butterfly-wing hinges, Lüban titanium gold hinges, aerospace-grade magnesium alloy lightweight materials, self-developed shield construction steel, titanium alloy 3D printing technology, and Qinghai Lake batteries. These innovations have stepped out of the innovation framework set by the iPhone and solved the long-standing challenge of lightweight foldable screens.

It is evident that, through human-centric dual-drive innovation, Honor has persistently advanced universal technological access, striving to provide outstanding product experiences for all channels and consumer groups. By continuously launching blockbuster star products, Honor has successfully created deeply impressive products that truly meet consumers’ needs.

These products have gained wide market and consumer recognition, further enhancing the reputation of the Honor brand.

More importantly, this process itself is a two-way “empowerment” process. By deeply understanding consumer needs, Honor has crafted products that meet market demands, thereby shaping a positive brand reputation. This reputation, in turn, reinforces consumer preference for the Honor brand, creating a virtuous cycle.

Honor’s current achievements are not only a result of its accurate insight into consumer needs but also owe much to its strong R&D capabilities and technological innovation. Data shows that Honor has 7 major R&D centers, over 100 innovation labs, and over 60% of its total employees dedicated to R&D, with an annual R&D investment accounting for over 10% of its revenue. Moreover, in the “2022 China Top 500 Enterprises” list, Honor’s R&D intensity ranks within the top six nationwide and is the first among all mobile electronic consumer goods companies.

At the end of last year, Honor also established the Oasis Eye-Care Laboratory and collaborated with industry partners such as TÜV Rheinland, BOE, Visionox, and TAFC to jointly drive advancements in eye health. Earlier this year, Honor’s breakthroughs and innovations in satellite communication technology brought about a new, superior, and industry-beneficial technical solution through the Hongyan satellite technology, which will be shared across the industry.

Honor’s Path to Success

According to the latest IDC report, Honor maintained its position as the second-largest annual total shipment in China in 2023. This is not only due to its successful product strategy but also its strategy of steady expansion during the industry’s downturn.

It is worth noting that Honor is the only brand in China to increase the construction of experience stores and retail overall during adverse conditions. Currently, Honor has set up over 40,000 dedicated counters and more than 2,000 experience stores in the Chinese market, with Mall stores accounting for over 50%.

As an independent brand of only three years, Honor has successfully claimed a leading position in the domestic market in this challenging yet opportunistic environment, thanks to its strong innovation, excellent product quality, and top-notch services. This achievement is the result of robust collaboration between Honor and its distribution partners, enabling Honor to better understand market demands and adjust its product strategy promptly to meet consumer needs.

Honor Leads Android Phone Sales in 2023 with Innovative Products

In the face of fierce market competition, Honor has emerged as the leader in domestic Android phone shipments in 2023, thanks to the growth in market share of its high-end foldable smartphones and the multi-level layout of its star explosive models. As 2024 begins, Honor has also unveiled the all-new Magic6 series smartphones, featuring innovative experiences such as Hongyan communication technology, second-generation Qinghai Lake batteries, Mammoth glass, and a new generation of Oasis eye protection technology. With its values of steadfastness and technological idealism, Honor is transitioning from industry leader to industry pioneer.

Honor Tops 2023 Android Sales

Today’s Honor has already embarked on a new path, which indicates its unlimited potential for the future.

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