Ingenuity Ends Mars Mission

End of “Ingenuity” Mars Mission

Ingenuity Mars Mission

On January 25th, local time, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States issued a statement announcing the official end of the mission of the “Ingenuity” Mars helicopter after exceeding the planned number of flights.

The statement mentioned that “Ingenuity” was initially designed for a 30-day period to conduct up to 5 experimental test flights as a technology demonstration. However, it ended up operating on Mars for nearly three years, completing 72 flights, which is 14 times more than the originally planned flying distance.

According to the statement, during the 72nd flight on January 18th, several rotor blades of “Ingenuity” were damaged during the landing process, rendering it unable to fly again. (Central News Agency reporter, Zhang Yingzhe)

(Source: CCTV News)

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