OPPO Tops 2023 Folding Phone Sales

Surprising Success of OPPO in the Folding Phone Market

Just when we thought that Huawei had the folding screen phone market all to itself, to our amazement, there are other contenders as well!

Recently, IDC released a slew of data, revealing that in 2023, the spotlight in the folding phone market shifted unexpectedly. The best-selling small folding screen phone was not from Samsung or Huawei, but from OPPO!
OPPO Folding Phone Sales
Who would have thought that OPPO not only made a good folding screen phone but also sold it exceptionally well? Last year’s OPPO Find N3 Flip was indeed immensely popular, boasting flagship-level design and aesthetics, and its cutting-edge triple-camera system outperformed its competitors in the small folding phone category, making its overwhelming sales quite reasonable.
OPPO Find N3 Flip OPPO Folding Phone Sales
It’s not just the small folding phone market where OPPO has excelled, but also in the realm of large folding screen phones. The OPPO Find N3 is a powerhouse, particularly in terms of imaging. Its dual-layer transistor main camera is comparable to a one-inch sensor, even outperforming several flagship imaging systems, thereby helping OPPO capture a significant share of the high-end market.

With the folding screen market expected to surge even further this year, it leaves us eagerly anticipating what groundbreaking innovations OPPO will introduce.

OPPO Folding Phone Sales

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