S23 Ultra Zoom vs Local Rivals

Comparison of Zoom Functionality in S23 Ultra and Local Flagship Phones

The 10x optical zoom of the Samsung S23 Ultra should theoretically provide excellent long-range capabilities. However, when compared to the 60x photo mode of domestic flagship phones, I was genuinely surprised by the significant difference in text clarity. Even Huawei’s Mate60 Pro+’s 3.5x zoom produces clearer images. The Vivo X100 Pro and OPPO Find X7 Ultra completely outshine the S23 Ultra in this aspect!

In terms of clarity, there’s not much difference between the OPPO Find X7 Ultra and the Vivo X100 Pro. The main distinction lies in Vivo’s slightly brighter image, while OPPO focuses more on the tonal range, resulting in a more realistic play of light and shadows. The font color also appears bolder and more solid on OPPO, with fewer blurred edges, indicating a quite powerful algorithm!

In this battle of zoom capabilities, my vote goes to the Find X7 Ultra. It’s undeniable that their dual telephoto lenses are quite remarkable. We can confidently declare it as the king of long-range photography, don’t you agree?


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