Apple Vision Pro: Sensor-Sealed Tech

Apple’s New Patent Reveals Vision Pro Headset Technology

On January 27th, IT Home reported that according to the recent list published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple has been granted a technical patent for its Vision Pro headset. The patent demonstrates an active Light Seal, which can incorporate various sensors and related components and connect through a pogo pin.


Apple’s existing Light Seal is made of soft textiles, available in various shapes and sizes to conform to the user’s face. This accessory helps block external light, enhancing the immersive experience of the headset.

In the new patent outlined by Apple, various sensors and active components can be integrated into the Light Seal, connecting to the headset’s screen, processor, and other components, supporting modular design to enhance the immersive experience.

The active Light Seal can modularly integrate various sensors to measure the wearer’s body temperature, sweat, heart rate, cardiac signals (such as electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, etc.), and frontal lobe activity to further analyze the wearer’s responses or engagement. Sensor data can be used as feedback data, for instance, to monitor user fatigue or determine specific activity indicators.

Some specific examples of sensors include: electrocardiogram sensors, electroencephalogram sensors, heart rate variability sensors, blood volume pulse sensors, SpO2 sensors, compact pressure sensors, electromyography sensors, core body temperature sensors, skin resistance sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, inclinometers, barometers, infrared sensors, global positioning system sensors, etc.

IT Home also provided the patent design sketches as follows:


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