Global App Store OKs Streaming Games

Apple Allows Streaming Game Apps on Global App Store

Apple announced this week that, in response to feedback from developers, it is now allowing streaming game apps to be available on the global App Store. This move paves the way for standalone iPhone and iPad apps for services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce, which were previously only accessible through web browsers.

Global App Store

These cloud gaming apps will enable iPhone and iPad users to stream games from servers, with all game selections accessible within a single app.

In its statement, Apple wrote, “Developers can now submit an app that allows users to play their catalog of games through the app.”

Apple stated that streaming game apps must maintain the highest age rating of content included in the app, and of course, these apps must also comply with all the latest App Store review guidelines.

Source: [Weiphone](insert the URL of the source here)

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