Huawei Keeps Lead in 2024!

Smartphone Market Trends in China for 2024

As time goes by, major smartphone brands are preparing for new releases. Many manufacturers are preparing to launch high-end flagship models, while others are getting ready to roll out new system updates.

Many smartphone companies are also aggressively targeting the mid-to-low-range market segment in order to stimulate a significant increase in sales.

At present, the smartphone activation figures for the third week of 2024 have been announced, and the growth of the major brands has become very apparent.

Looking at the rankings, there are significant differences in the performance and growth rates between the brands. Let’s take a closer look at the real differences.


Research firm BCI has published the rankings for smartphone activations in the Chinese market during the third week of 2024 (January 15-21), with Huawei and Apple sharing the top spot with a 17.9% market share.

In the cumulative smartphone activation figures for the first three weeks of the year in the Chinese market, Huawei ranks first, followed by Apple in second place, vivo in third, Honor in fourth, OPPO in fifth, and Xiaomi in sixth.

It is evident that Huawei’s growth rate remains very significant. However, after Apple’s iPhone price reduction, its sales have increased.

Even without price reductions, Huawei’s sales have shown significant growth. This demonstrates their considerable strength in the market.


It’s worth noting that during the second week, Huawei continued to lead all brands, with a 20.0% market share (including 1.8% from Honor).

However, OPPO’s 16.4% market share (including 2.4% from OnePlus and 1.1% from Realme) exceeded iPhone’s 16.3%, which was quite remarkable.

However, this figure decreased significantly in the third week, perhaps because new models had just been released, resulting in a substantial increase in sales.

However, as the third week progressed, OPPO’s figures decreased significantly again. Perhaps, in order to achieve significant growth in the future smartphone market, new models are essential.


In my opinion, one of the reasons for Huawei’s significant growth is closely related to the gradual availability of the Huawei Mate60 series, and the Huawei Nova12 series has also shown considerable growth.

Moreover, many fans are considering upgrading their phones and are eager to experience the HarmonyOS version as soon as it is available, so they are opting for new models.

Considering the current situation, Huawei’s future growth rates are also expected to remain high, as the upcoming Huawei P70 series will be introduced, bringing significant improvements in terms of configuration, camera, and appearance, which will naturally lead to a certain degree of sales growth.


In addition, the growth rate of iPhones on the list is also considerable, confirming that their strategy of reducing prices has had a good impact on the market.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone 15 has seen continuous price reductions in the Chinese market, often offering discounts of over a thousand yuan. This price reduction strategy highlights Apple’s predicament.

However, it has indeed achieved good results. Nevertheless, for long-term development, it is certain that relying solely on price reductions is not sufficient. The product itself needs to be attractive.

Yet, the competition in today’s smartphone market is extremely fierce, and even for iPhone, making an impact has become quite challenging.


In addition, the rankings for Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and Honor are quite clear. Apart from Honor, which has experienced substantial growth, the growth rates for the rest are not significant.

Furthermore, Xiaomi’s smartphones have not entered the top five in the first three weeks of 2024 but rather hovered around the sixth position.

Perhaps, only with the release of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra or the Redmi Note series, can Xiaomi achieve very high sales in the smartphone market.

Currently, it can be said that this is part of the normal development process. Also, approaching the Chinese New Year, the upcoming growth will be natural, especially since there are no new models being released.


In conclusion, in terms of smartphone activations, Huawei is clearly leading by a significant margin. With more new models in the future, it will be even more challenging for its competitors to catch up.

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