iOS 17.4 Code Leak: Apple Tests Major Language Model

Exciting Updates from Apple: iOS 17.4 Code Leak Reveals Testing of Major Language Model

iOS 17.4 Code Leak

Apple recently released the first beta version of iOS 17.4, and developers have discovered code related to a significant language model technology. This discovery suggests that Apple may be working on a new version of Siri.

In addition to Apple’s internal model “Ajax,” the code of this system also includes a private framework called “SiriSummarization,” which can utilize OpenAI’s GPT to implement AI functionality.

SiriSummarization Framework

However, iOS 17.4 is testing two versions of AjaxGPT, one of which processes on the device and the other is expected to be processed in the cloud.

AjaxGPT Testing

According to previous leaks, Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 system will incorporate AI services, along with adjustments to Siri. The new Siri is rumored to have natural conversational abilities, providing users with a more efficient and personalized experience.

It’s important to note that the above information is based on leaks and should be taken as speculative. However, from the current leaks, it appears that the unreleased iOS 18 system from Apple will indeed feature AI capabilities. The specific details of these features are yet to be revealed.

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