iOS 17.4 Leak: Siri with Advanced AI Models

Latest iOS 17.4 Update Indicates Apple’s Development of Advanced AI Models for Siri

On January 28th, Apple released the latest developer preview Beta update for iOS 17.4. However, some developers discovered code related to large language model technology, indicating that Apple is developing a new version of Siri powered by these large language models.

iOS 17.4 update

The code reveals that in addition to Apple’s internal model “Ajax,” iOS 17.4 also includes a private framework called “SiriSummarization.” This framework can invoke OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to enable AI functionality. While it’s unlikely that ChatGPT will be used in the official release of iOS 18 to power Siri’s AI capabilities, it’s more probable that Apple is conducting its own large model tests and comparing the results with ChatGPT.

Siri Advanced AI Models

Furthermore, the code also includes some system prompt examples, such as “please summarize,” “please answer this question,” and “please summarize the given text.” Additionally, the code indicates that two versions of AjaxGPT are being tested — one that processes on the device and another that does not, likely in the cloud.

According to previous reports, it is widely expected that Apple will introduce new artificial intelligence features powered by large language models through iOS 18, expected to be launched in June.

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