Win11 Update: Exclusive Noise Suppression

Exclusive Voice Clarity Feature for Windows 11 Revealed in Latest Update

Exclusive Voice Clarity Feature

According to the latest reports, Microsoft is introducing a new feature called Voice Clarity exclusively for Windows 11 PC users, and it does not require dedicated hardware NPU support. Recently, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 11 Build 26040 update to insider users, which includes several feature enhancements and bug fixes. The most significant change is the addition of support for Voice Clarity without the need for NPU.

Voice Clarity is a brand-new AI-driven voice noise reduction technology that can capture sound signals through multiple microphones and utilize advanced echo control technology to eliminate background noise, thereby achieving clearer sound transmission. Additionally, Voice Clarity features real-time echo suppression, background noise reduction, and reverberation reduction. This technology does not rely on NPU, making it compatible with almost any type of PC device without significant hardware requirements.

It is reported that this new feature is enabled by default and is applicable to communication applications such as Phone Link and WhatsApp. It is worth mentioning that Voice Clarity was previously limited to Surface devices, but now, with the widespread use of Windows 11 PCs, all Windows 11 PC users can experience this advanced voice noise reduction technology.

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