X7 Features to X6, OnePlus 12: OPPO’s Camera Upgrade Plan Revealed

OPPO Announces Flagship Imaging Upgrade Plan for Find X7 Series

It’s widely known that after @OPPO officially launched the annual imaging flagship Find X7 series, it has attracted the attention and discussion of numerous netizens and consumers, thanks to its outstanding imaging performance. Recently, @OPPO announced the flagship imaging upgrade plan. According to the announcement, the latest imaging functions of the OPPO Find X7 series will be extended to include the OPPO Find X6 series, OPPO Find N3, and the OnePlus 12 among other models.

OPPO's Camera Upgrade Plan

As per the imaging upgrade plan announced by OPPO, the OPPO Find X6 series and OnePlus 12 will start receiving updates gradually from February 2024, with the upgrade expected to be completed by April 27, 2024. The OPPO Find N3 will begin receiving features and updates from March 2024, with the upgrade expected to be completed by June 28, 2024. OPPO has stated that the imaging upgrade is not limited to this, and in the future, they will continue to optimize more imaging details through system updates, providing users with a more ultimate imaging experience. They also welcome users to provide more feedback and ideas, allowing everyone to achieve imagination through OPPO’s imaging technology.

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