Apple vs Samsung vs OPPO & vivo: Zoom/Macro Showdown

Who said Apple and Samsung are falling behind in photography? I think the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung S23 Ultra both performed quite well, especially Apple, which has incorporated a periscope telephoto lens and even supports telephoto macro. Using a telephoto lens for macro photography seems much better than cropping with the main camera or ultra-wide angle!

Recently, the #OPPO Find X7# Ultra introduced the “telephoto macro” feature with a 6X periscope telephoto lens, enabling high-quality macro shots without the need to get the lens too close to the subject. The actual performance? Let’s directly compare the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung S23 Ultra, vivo X100 Pro, and Find X7 Ultra.

From the two sets of photos below, under 3X telephoto, all four devices show a high standard of telephoto macro capability, with clear texture and high color reproduction of the flower petals. However, personally, I prefer the effects of Apple and OPPO. The iPhone provides a more realistic result, while the Find X7 Ultra exhibits more texture in color presentation, appearing very clean and pure. In the second set of 6X shots, there’s quite a noticeable difference. Apple, Samsung, and vivo all exhibit reflections, and the veins of the leaves are not very clear. On the other hand, OPPO’s handling of light and shadow is quite special, accurately depicting the leaf veins. The bright areas are vibrant without losing details, and the leaf veins and color are well optimized, giving them a textured appearance. It seems that this telephoto macro feature from the #OPPO Find X7# is quite impressive.

So, which smartphone’s performance do you find satisfactory? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below~

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