Blue Arrow: Test, Minor Injuries

Blue Arrow Aerospace Responds to Rumors of Explosion in Shanghai’s Songjiang District

On January 30, IT Home reported that Blue Arrow Aerospace responded to rumors circulating online about an explosion in Shanghai’s Songjiang district last night, stating that it was a normal test and there was no explosion as claimed.

According to a detailed statement from Blue Arrow Aerospace, at 19:30 on January 29, the Shanghai Aerospace Precision Research Institute (Number 800) conducted a commercial aerospace storage tank low-temperature static burst test at an outdoor test site. The tank ruptured normally under a pressure of 0.65MPa, and there were no abnormalities in the test control process. Some glass was slightly damaged, and three Blue Arrow Aerospace personnel sustained minor injuries.

Blue Arrow Test Minor Injuries

Yesterday evening at around 19:00, some netizens claimed that there was an explosion in an industrial park in Shanghai’s Songjiang district, with reports of a loud noise. Subsequently, various parties responded to the incident: the Songjiang District Emergency Management Bureau stated that “no explosion occurred, and the district government will provide a unified explanation”; the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau issued a statement on its official Weibo account, saying that no thunder and lightning phenomena occurred.

Blue Arrow Test Minor Injuries

According to IT Home’s report in July last year, Blue Arrow Aerospace’s CEO, Zhang Changwu, stated that Blue Arrow Aerospace has the capability to mass-produce and deliver liquid oxygen methane rockets to the market starting from 2024. Blue Arrow Aerospace has already initiated a project for reusable rockets and aims to make significant progress by 2025.

“If Blue Arrow can achieve the successful flight of the Zhuque 2 rocket within a year, small batch deliveries to the market will commence from 2024. There will be 3-4 launches in 2024, doubling in 2025, striving to double every year for three consecutive years.”

Blue Arrow Test Minor Injuries
Image source: Blue Arrow Aerospace

On January 19 this year, the vertical landing technology of the reusable Zhuque 3 rocket was tested for the first time at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China. Zhuque 3’s overall commander, Dai Zheng, stated, “This lays an important technical foundation for the maiden flight of Zhuque 3 in 2025.”

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