Kuaizhou Rocket Test Success

Successful Test of Reusable Technology for Kuaizhou Rocket by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

On January 26, 2024, at 15:00, the vertical takeoff and landing test of the reusable technology for the Kuaizhou rocket, independently developed by the Aerospace Sanjiang Company of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, was successfully completed. This test utilized the company’s independently developed liquid oxygen methane engine, with a flight time of 22 seconds, 9 seconds of mid-air hovering, a hovering height precision of 0.15 meters, and a stable landing posture, landing precisely at the designated location. The rocket’s condition was excellent, and the test mission was a complete success.

Kuaizhou Rocket Test

Source: China Aerospace News
Editor: Meng Ziwei
Workflow Editor: Liu Weili

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