Samsung’s Silicon Valley 3D DRAM Lab

Samsung Electronics Establishes New R&D Lab in Silicon Valley for 3D DRAM Development

Samsung's Silicon Valley 3D DRAM Lab

Samsung Electronics surpassed Toshiba in 1993 to become the world’s largest DRAM manufacturer and has maintained this advantage ever since. Recently, they have established a new research and development laboratory in Silicon Valley, focusing on the development of next-generation 3D DRAM products. The lab is led by Song Jae-hyeok, Chief Technology Officer of Samsung’s Device Solutions Division and head of the semiconductor research institute. In 2013, Samsung Electronics commercialized 3D vertical structure NAND flash memory chips, and in October of last year, they announced plans to use the new 3D structure for DRAM processes of 10nm and below, in order to increase the capacity of a single chip to over 100G.

Samsung Electronics has always been a leader in the memory chip market, and their success is attributable to continuous innovation and technological development. The establishment of the R&D laboratory in Silicon Valley will further enhance their competitive advantage in the field of 3D DRAM. Additionally, Samsung Electronics has published a research paper on 3D DRAM and has provided detailed images demonstrating the practical implementation of 3D DRAM technology in semiconductors.

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