2023’s Top Domestic Smartphone – Who’s #1?

[Observations from Ding Tech] The competition in the Chinese smartphone market is extremely fierce. Currently, the difference between the top brands is small, leaving ample room for dynamic adjustments in sales rankings.

Ding Tech has noticed that recently Xiaomi, Honor, and Vivo have all released reports on smartphone sales data. Xiaomi cited statistics from an authoritative market research agency, stating that in December 2023, Xiaomi’s smartphones achieved 3.48 million activations, surpassing Apple with a 16.5% market share, ranking first in the Chinese smartphone market. Apple, Honor, Vivo (including iQOO), OPPO (including OnePlus and realme), and Huawei ranked 2-6, with Xiaomi not sharing its full-year 2023 sales data.

Honor, on the other hand, shared IDC’s related data report. According to IDC’s statistics, in 2023, Honor ranked second in the Chinese market shipment volume with a 17.1% share, leading the domestic Android camp. OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi ranked 3-5 with market shares of 16.7%, 16.5%, and 13.2% respectively.

Vivo, on the other hand, referred to the latest report from Counterpoint. According to the report, in the entire year of 2023, Apple held the top position with a 17.9% market share, while Vivo (including iQOO) claimed the top spot among domestic smartphone brands with a market share of 16.9%. OPPO (including OnePlus) with 16.2%, Honor with 15.7%, Xiaomi (including Redmi) with 14.4%, Huawei with 12.1%, and realme with 1.9% ranked 2-7.

From the above statistics from market research agencies, it’s evident that there seems to be some controversy over whether Honor or Vivo is the top domestic brand in 2023. However, upon closer examination, it’s apparent that these research agencies’ data dimensions are not consistent.

Ding Tech observed that IDC’s statistics are based on shipment volume, while Counterpoint’s statistics are based on sales volume. The differing definitions of shipment and sales volume explain the disparities in the rankings between IDC and Counterpoint. Additionally, Counterpoint’s statistics include the sales volume of sub-brands, which IDC has not clarified whether it includes sub-brand shipment volume.

It’s important to note that whether it’s shipment volume or sales volume, the market shares of Vivo, OPPO, Honor, and Xiaomi are all very close. This also indicates the highly competitive nature of the Chinese market. Moreover, with Huawei gradually “resurging,” it will have a significant impact on the competitive landscape of the entire smartphone industry in 2024.

Furthermore, despite the rapid development and conglomerate advantages of Chinese smartphone companies, Apple still ranks first in the industry in both shipment and sales volume. In 2024, how to surpass Apple throughout the entire year will be a common challenge for the top Chinese smartphone brands.

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