Amazon China Ends Web Service; Only App & WeChat Mini-Program Remain

Amazon China to Close Desktop Service: App and WeChat Mini Program Only

As of today, Amazon officially discontinues its desktop service in China, meaning users will no longer be able to place orders through the desktop website.

However, this move doesn’t signify a retreat from the Chinese market; rather, it reflects a shift towards embracing mobile shopping and focusing on mobile development.


Amazon has launched a new version of its “Amazon Shopping” app today. Customers can upgrade their current app or download the new version. Alternatively, they can experience the new shopping features through Amazon Overseas Purchase WeChat Mini Program.

According to the official statement, the new “Amazon Shopping” app will incorporate more localized elements and page designs, offering a more efficient and seamless shopping experience.

Furthermore, starting from January 27th, Amazon will no longer offer Prime membership services. The official announcement states that this decision is aimed at focusing on providing better services to all customers.

Before February 3rd, Prime members will automatically receive a refund corresponding to the remaining months of their membership period.

It’s worth noting that there is a significant connection between Amazon China and Lei Jun.

In 1999, Lei Jun established, primarily focusing on software downloads. In May 2000, the company transitioned to selling books, music, and videos online. In September 2004, Amazon acquired for $75 million, laying the foundation for Amazon China.


More than a year after the acquisition, Amazon began using its database system to replace’s previous system. This replacement process took three years, establishing Amazon China’s IT system as one of the most advanced systems in the industry.

It wasn’t until 2007 that was renamed “Joyo Amazon,” and in 2011, it was renamed “Amazon China,” a seven-year journey during which traces of were gradually phased out.

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