Apple Files for ‘Vision Pro’ Trademark

On January 30th, according to Tianyancha App, Apple Inc. has applied for over 40 patents related to head-mounted displays, including “Optical System for Head-Mounted Display,” “Head-Mounted Display with Haptic Output,” “Head-Mounted Display with Low-Light Operation,” “Head-Mounted Display, Facial Interface for Head-Mounted Display, and Display System for Head-Mounted Display,” among others. Some of these patents have already been granted.

Image Source: Tianyancha

Additionally, in June and August 2023, Apple Inc. applied to register multiple “VISION PRO” trademarks, with international classifications including clothing, footwear, sports equipment, and more. The current status of these trademarks is pending substantive examination.

Image Source: Tianyancha

Previously, foreign media reported that since Apple Inc. opened pre-orders for the Vision Pro headset on January 19th, the company has sold over 200,000 Vision Pro headsets in the United States, generating pre-order revenue of $699.8 million (approximately ¥5.025 billion at current exchange rates).

[Source: Phoenix New Media Technology]

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