Galaxy S24: True AI Experience

The wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been sweeping through various industries, not least the smartphone market. The integration of large-scale AI models has become an increasingly dominant trend in the development of the industry.

On January 25, 2024, Samsung Electronics officially launched its new high-end flagship series, the Galaxy S24, in the domestic market. Boasting innovative Galaxy AI technology, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series introduces groundbreaking features such as real-time call translation, ‘S Pen Search’ technology, the “Procrastinator’s Assistant” writing aid, and note-taking enhancements, enabling effortless communication, heightened productivity, and clearer imagery. These innovations are bringing AI advancements to the mainstream.

Innovation has never been lacking in the smartphone sphere, with recent releases showcasing a dazzling array of new technologies and capabilities. Despite not engaging in technical overkill at its launch event, the intuitive AI experience offered by the Samsung Galaxy S24 series left a deep impression, especially regarding AI-driven features based on actual user needs. These could potentially change the way we use smartphones in the future.

1. Real-time Call Translation for Global Communication Without Barriers

The advent of smartphones has facilitated many aspects of life, yet little innovation has been seen in traditional call functions until now. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series integrates real-time call translation directly within its native calling app, providing real-time bi-directional voice and text translation without the need for third-party apps, helping users to easily overcome language barriers.

Imagine making a call with a Samsung Galaxy S24 to a foreign friend—no longer hindered by language. You speak in your mother tongue, and they hear real-time translated English or another language, while their responses are translated back to you. This feature works even if they use a non-Samsung phone, with text transcripts available for reference.

Real-time translation eradicates language barriers, making travel abroad as simple as conversing at home, be it reserving restaurants or asking directions. Prompt translation and feedback minimize misunderstandings. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series remembers each contact’s language for future interactions, with on-device AI ensuring conversation privacy.

The introduction of call translation is as revolutionary as the initial break from the time and space constraints of landline phones decades earlier.

2. ‘S Pen Search’ – Direct and Accurate Access

Beyond traditional calling, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series pioneers a direct, gesture-based search feature disrupting how users search online. When encountering intriguing content in short videos or aspirational destinations on social media without knowing their locale, a long press of the Home button followed by circling, highlighting, or tapping on any image, video, or text on the Galaxy S24’s screen yields precise and high-quality search results almost instantly.

This ‘S Pen Search’ feature excels by allowing any on-screen data to be searchable and completing the search process within a single interface, without diverting to a search bar or different apps.

3. ‘Procrastinator’s Assistant’ – Boosting Productivity

A term that resonated with many at the Galaxy S24 series launch was “Procrastinator’s Assistant.” This suite of aids, including a writing assistant, note assistant, and transcription helper, challenges our conventional notions of creativity and productivity in smartphone usage.

The writing assistant helps craft polite responses or eye-catching social media captions. An AI translation feature within the Samsung keyboard module offers real-time translation across 13 languages for texts and emails.

The note assistant in Samsung Notes generates smart note summaries and templates for streamlined note-taking, even auto-crafting brief abstracts for covers. It accurately formats lengthy treatises or quick thoughts to text, offering summaries on new covers for easy retrieval.

In meetings, the transcription assistant transcribes multi-person conversations and quick summaries of entire transcriptions, translating when needed—a formidable meeting ally with Galaxy AI.

4. Ultra-Visual Imagery, Simplifying Intelligent Retouching

Empowered by AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ ultra-visual imagery facilitates a revolutionary photography experience. Notably, the generative editing opens a new realm of post-capture enhancements.

Users often aim for the perfect shot only to find unwanted photobombers. With Galaxy AI’s innovative editing tools, it’s possible to remove people and naturally reconstruct the background or fix image flaws seamlessly.

The intelligent retouching suggestion feature quickly and efficiently beautifies images with personalized optimization suggestions.

Closing Thoughts

As the AI tide rises, the smartphone industry is entering a new cycle. Market research firm Counterpoint Research forecasts that by the end of 2027, AI smartphones with built-in generative AI functionality will exceed 500 million shipments, with a compound annual growth rate of 83% from 2024-2027.

The fusion of AI with smartphones is an irreversible major trend, as AI seamlessly integrates into everyday life and work. Good products and user experiences are both the end goal and the starting point of technological innovation. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, developed with practical user needs in mind and in ongoing collaboration with domestic AI leader Baidu, exemplifies meaningful and disruptive innovation. Continuously innovative and productive, Samsung is poised to lead the AI smartphone industry, democratizing AI innovations for the general public.

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