Honor vs Xiaomi: Who Leads in China? Four Data Sets Deepen the Mystery.

Honorable Xiaomi: The Battle of Rankings in the Chinese Smartphone Market

Several renowned global analytics firms have recently released data for both the fourth quarter and the entire year of 2023. When looking at the global data, there is little controversy surrounding the top three positions, which are held by Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

In the Chinese market, Apple comfortably holds the top spot, without much dispute. However, the ranking of domestic brands is highly contentious. Some claim that Honor is leading the pack, while others argue in favor of Xiaomi. Some organizations even place Xiaomi outside the top five, making the situation even more perplexing.

Let’s delve into the data from these four major institutions to determine the most reliable ranking.

Honor vs Xiaomi

Firstly, according to Counterpoint’s data, the top seven smartphone brands in the fourth quarter were Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, VIVO, OPPO, realme.

It’s widely acknowledged that Apple secures the first position, as all institutions seem to agree. Following that, Xiaomi claims the second spot, with Huawei in the third position and Honor in fourth. Remember these rankings, as they will be important later on.

Counterpoint Data

Moving on to IDC’s data, Apple remains in the top spot without dispute. Here’s the catch: following Apple are Honor, VIVO, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi. Xiaomi is no longer in the top five.

In IDC’s ranking, Honor claims the top spot among domestic brands, with VIVO in second place. Meanwhile, Huawei has been pushed out of the top three, and Xiaomi is even excluded from the top five.

IDC Data

Next, let’s take a look at the data from Canalys. As expected, Apple maintains its first position without controversy. Subsequently, Honor, VIVO, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO follow suit. The first four rankings are consistent with IDC’s data.

However, the significant difference here is that Xiaomi is in fifth place, ahead of OPPO. In contrast, in IDC’s ranking, OPPO surpasses Xiaomi, which places Xiaomi in the ‘Others’ category.

Canalys Data

Lastly, let’s explore the activation data from BCI, which closely resembles Counterpoint’s data, with Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Honor occupying the top four positions. However, the fifth and sixth positions differ. BCI records more activations for OPPO and fewer for VIVO, while Counterpoint’s data shows the opposite.

It’s evident that, apart from confirming Apple’s top position, these four sets of data fail to provide a consistent ranking. When it comes to other domestic smartphone manufacturers, the rankings remain unclear. It’s all rather perplexing.

BCI Data

Xiaomi’s rankings vary between second, fifth, and sixth places, while Honor’s rankings fluctuate between second and fourth. As for Huawei, it falls between third and fourth. OPPO is positioned at fifth and sixth, and VIVO fluctuates between third, fifth, and sixth.

Therefore, it’s best not to take these rankings too seriously. The rankings seem to depend on the mood of the institutions; they place whoever they want in the top positions. Whether any vested interests are involved behind the scenes remains unclear to everyone.

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