Huawei Mate60 Hits 30M Global Sales? Doubts Over Chip Supply

Huawei Mate60 Series: Global Sales Hit 30 Million, Doubts Over Chip Supply

Huawei’s Mate60 series has undoubtedly set a milestone for domestic mobile phones. Even before the launch event, it was already in high demand among netizens. Several months have passed since its release, but the Huawei Mate60 series is still facing a situation where demand exceeds supply. Recently, there have been numerous reports claiming that the global sales of the Huawei Mate60 series have exceeded 30 million units. This news has stirred up excitement, but it is highly likely to be false. Many people have expressed doubts about this information.


@厂长是关同学, a popular blogger who frequently leaks information about Huawei’s new devices, stated, “Don’t joke around, there is a chip shortage. How could there be so many sales? Even if it were true, Apple wouldn’t have secured the top market position.” However, the blogger also mentioned, “Chip supply will improve in the future, and Huawei has already started supplying in large quantities. Basically, you can buy it in stores now.”


Huawei Mate60’s Global Sales Exceeding 30 Million Units Might be False

What does it mean for the Huawei Mate60 series to reach 30 million units in global sales? According to the 2023 smartphone market data released by Canalys, this figure exceeds half of Apple’s total shipments, which secured the first place throughout last year. For reference, Apple’s total smartphone shipments in 2023 were 51.8 million units. In contrast, Huawei’s total shipments in the fourth quarter of 2023 were 10.4 million units.


Moreover, according to netizen statistics, as of August 2023, the total sales of the Huawei Mate series had approached nearly 100 million units. Among them, the total sales of the Huawei Mate50 series were approximately 6.8 million units; Mate40 series sales were approximately 32.3 million units, showing the best sales performance among the Mate series phones; Mate30 series sales were around 12 million units. Despite the high demand for the Mate60 series, it is unlikely to surpass the total sales of the Mate40 series over such a short period, especially considering the frequent shortages.


Previously, there were reports that the Huawei Mate60 series had surpassed the total sales of all previous Mate series within four months. This claim has also been refuted. @厂长是关同学 stated, “Up to now, it has not exceeded the shipping volume of the Mate40 series. Don’t spread rumors.” It is worth mentioning that, according to the blogger, Huawei’s P70 series has already started limited stocking, which is a bit early this time.

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