Samsung to Cut Foldable Phone Costs

Samsung to Adopt New Method for Foldable OLED Panel Border Production

On January 30th, IT Home reported that Samsung Display may be adopting a new method to produce borders for foldable OLED panels in order to reduce costs and pave the way for a decrease in foldable phone prices.

According to TheElec, sources revealed that Samsung Display is considering using inkjet printing technology to produce borders for the new panels, which will be applied in Samsung’s upcoming foldable phones later this year. It’s worth noting that previously, Samsung Display had always used Segyung Hitech’s Multi-Deposition Dry etching (MDD) process to produce borders for foldable OLED panels. The MDD process requires pre-making thin films with ink, which are then cut into the required border shapes.

Compared to the MDD technology, the length of the thin film for inkjet printing is much longer, which means that more borders can be cut from the same film, thus reducing costs. This will directly help Samsung lower the production costs of foldable phones, ultimately bringing more affordable prices to consumers.

For a long time, Samsung has been pushing Samsung Display to lower the manufacturing costs of foldable OLED panels. The borders of the OLED panels are mainly used to conceal internal circuits and components. After the panels are encapsulated with films to isolate oxygen and water, the borders are then pasted, and finally, an ultra-thin glass layer is laminated on the panel to complete the entire production process.

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