Win11 adds feature to auto-clean junk files

January 27, 2024 02:40:59 AM by Yao Liwei

Win11 Adds Feature to Auto Clean Junk Files

According to official sources at Microsoft, Windows 11 has added a new “Storage Sense” feature, which can help users automatically clean up junk files on their computers. When the hard drive space is running low, this feature will automatically initiate a cleanup process, thus freeing up memory space. Users can choose to have this feature run daily, weekly, or monthly as per their preference. Furthermore, “Storage Sense” can also help users remove junk files from specified hard drives, including delivery optimization files, downloaded files, temporary files, thumbnails, and antivirus files, among others. The introduction of this new feature makes computers more intelligent and enhances the user experience.

Original Text:
According to Microsoft’s official website, Windows 11 will provide a new feature called “Storage Sense,” with the main purpose of making it more convenient for users to clean up junk files inside their computers. After enabling this feature, if the available hard drive space is low, the computer will automatically detect and clear all files in the recycle bin that were generated within the last 30 days and have not been archived. At the same time, the “Storage Sense” setting allows users to choose to perform such operations daily, weekly, or monthly. In addition, this product also supports directly cleaning up accumulated junk files on specific hard drives, such as delivery optimization, downloads, caches, as well as thumbnails and antivirus files.

This move undoubtedly improves the intelligence and convenience of the system and provides users with a better and more reassuring operating experience.

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