How powerful is the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 100X zoom? See domestic rivals.

Experience the 100X Zoom of the Samsung S23 Ultra – How Does It Compare to Domestic Rivals?

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the 100X zoom of the Samsung S23 Ultra. It must be said that when it comes to zoom levels above 20X, Samsung’s long-range capabilities are truly impressive. Let’s also compare it with the Huawei Mate60 Pro+, vivo X100 Pro, and OPPO Find X7 Ultra. Let’s see whose performance stands out the most.

Huawei’s performance is indeed not as strong as the other three. Vivo’s image quality is on par with Samsung, with a slightly thicker font that looks quite appealing, and the colors are quite pleasing. The image is also brighter than Samsung’s. OPPO Find X7 Ultra takes it a step further with its superior image quality, impressive clarity, minimal font blurring, rich red colors, and retained light and dark contrasts. It seems that the power of the dual zoom lens is not just for show!

Which model do you think delivers the best results?

Comparison Image 1 Comparison Image 2 Comparison Image 3 Comparison Image 4

Comparison Image 5 Comparison Image 6 Comparison Image 7 Comparison Image 8

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