iOS 17.4 supports third-party apps! Users: Await rollout in China!

Apple iOS 17.4 Update Allows Third-Party App Stores and Payment Methods

Apple is set to release the iOS 17.4 update, bringing with it a significant change that allows users to install and use third-party app stores on iOS and iPadOS devices, as well as utilize third-party payment methods within apps. With the official rollout of the beta update underway, this means that Apple fans in the European Union can now choose their preferred third-party app store as the default, breaking free from the confines of the Apple App Store.

iOS 17.4 Update

The decision to open up the App Store and permit the installation and use of third-party app stores brings with it both benefits and potential drawbacks. Since the inception of Apple devices, applications have been downloaded exclusively from the App Store. This approach effectively prevented various types of malicious software from infiltrating users’ phones, thereby ensuring a clean and secure environment and enhancing device performance. Applications available in the App Store undergo stringent testing by Apple, mitigating the risk of them affecting the phone’s system. Conversely, in the Android sphere, despite the platform’s robust performance capabilities, system smoothness is often compromised due to suboptimal optimization, coupled with the unauthorized automatic installation and startup of numerous resource-hungry applications.

Third-Party Apps on iOS 17.4

Benefits and Drawbacks

Nevertheless, despite these considerations, many consumers in China express a desire for the App Store to be opened up domestically. They indicate that the absence of platforms like the Tencent App Store has indeed posed significant inconvenience. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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