iPhone 15 Pro Max Sees Massive $255 Drop

Apple’s Pricing Strategy in China: Losing Ground to Domestic Competitors

Apple products have always been known for their “resale value”, as their prices typically see significant drops only when new models are introduced. However, with the rise of domestic flagship smartphones and the reemergence of the Huawei Mate60 series, Apple is gradually losing its dominance in the Chinese market, leading to a softening of prices for the new iPhone15 series.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

According to the shopping guide website “What’s Worth Buying”, at the end of January, the 256GB version of the Apple iPhone15 Pro Max was selling for as low as 8299 yuan, a significant drop of 1700 yuan from its initial price of 9999 yuan in September last year. It’s worth noting that this price drop occurred in just four months. In the past, Apple maintained a price drop of only around 2000 yuan when new models were released after a year.

Price Drop

This implies that those who purchased the iPhone15 Pro Max at launch have now suffered a loss of over a thousand yuan for no apparent reason. However, for potential consumers who have been waiting on the sidelines, getting the iPhone15 Pro Max now is a good choice. At 8299 yuan, it should be considered a “bottom price” before the Spring Festival. During the last Double Eleven sale, it was selling for 8898 yuan.

Spring Festival Price

In terms of specifications, the iPhone15 Pro Max, as a large-screen model, not only features a 6.7-inch 120Hz high-refresh-rate display but also boasts a unique 120mm focal length periscope lens that supports 5x zoom, making it suitable for outdoor photography and video recording enthusiasts. It can be said that many people buy the iPhone15 Pro Max specifically for its camera, with the slightly larger screen being less of a priority.

Camera Feature

In terms of performance, the iPhone15 Pro Max is equipped with Apple’s most powerful A17 Pro chip, utilizing the most advanced 3nm process technology. Although Apple phones have always been expensive, the iPhone15 Pro Max can easily be used for 3-5 years, effectively spreading out the cost over its years of use. Lastly, the iPhone15 Pro Max does not come in a 128GB capacity version, with only 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB versions available. Currently, the lowest price for the 256GB iPhone15 Pro starts at 7499 yuan, making the price difference to the 256GB iPhone15 Pro Max just 800 yuan, so more people are likely to choose the Max version.

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