Microsoft Office Suite fully supports Apple Vision Pro with AI features

Microsoft Office Suite Fully Supports Apple Vision Pro with AI Features

As Apple prepares to launch the Vision Pro headset in the US market on February 2, Microsoft has announced a major development: its popular applications including Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop will be among the first to offer native support for Apple’s new headset platform. This move not only demonstrates Microsoft’s open attitude towards cross-platform collaboration but also highlights its forward-looking layout in the field of augmented reality (AR).

It is worth noting that Microsoft also plans to integrate advanced AI features into its various visionOS-based applications, aiming to provide Vision Pro users with a more intelligent, efficient, and immersive experience. This strategic move heralds a revolutionary change in the future of work and entertainment.

Once users get their hands on the Apple Vision Pro headset, they will be able to easily download and install these Office applications through the app store. In comparison to Apple’s own iWork office suite, Microsoft’s Office suite is evidently more proactive and comprehensive in supporting the new platform. Currently, only the Keynote application in the iWork suite offers native support for Vision Pro.

Accompanying images released with the press release showcase the practical running effects of Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Vision Pro. Microsoft details how each application utilizes the unique features of the headset to enhance user experience: “Word allows you to have a virtual office at your fingertips no matter where you are; the immersive presentation environment of PowerPoint will completely change the way you present ideas to your audience; The infinite canvas feature of Excel will revolutionize the way you handle data and charts; and in Teams, users wearing Vision Pro can experience more realistic and natural video calling effects, thanks to the lifelike facial images created by the Persona feature.”

This collaboration between Microsoft and Apple will undoubtedly drive the popularization and application of AR technology among enterprise and individual users, while also positioning both parties favorably in future technological competition.

Microsoft Office Suite Fully Supports Apple Vision Pro with AI Features

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