Mijia Thermo Mug Ti 2 Launch; Xiaomi Leads 2023 Global Sales

Xiaomi Launches Mijia Thermos Mug Ti 2 and Leads Global Sales in 2023

Xiaomi’s Mijia Thermos Mug Ti 2 has officially started its crowdfunding campaign today, priced at 179 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the Mijia Thermos Mug Ti 2 is more minimalist compared to its predecessor, with an all-titanium color body. The cup lid features a full titanium rotating design, distinguishing it from the previous generation’s plastic pop-up lid.

Mijia Thermos Mug Ti 2

The outer layer adopts a metal paint process, providing a smooth, scratch-resistant surface, and comes with a silicone mat for anti-slip and noise reduction.

Mijia Thermos Mug Ti 2

According to the introduction, this thermos mug claims to have a titanium content of over 99%, making it resistant to chemical reactions. It can hold various beverages such as tea, coffee, milk, and juice without leaching heavy metals, while also possessing antibacterial properties.

It is equipped with a built-in pure titanium tea filter and double-layer titanium vacuum insulation technology. Despite its large 480ml capacity, the thermos mug weighs only 196g, making it larger yet lighter than the previous generation. It can keep beverages hot at 58 degrees for 6 hours and cold at 10 degrees.

Mijia Thermos Mug Ti 2

Recently, the well-known technology market analysis firm, Canalys, released its report on the global smartphone market in 2023. Xiaomi achieved a shipment of 146.4 million units, securing its position as the world’s top-selling domestic smartphone brand in 2023.

The report indicated a 4% year-on-year decrease in global smartphone shipments, totaling 1.14 billion units in 2023.

Among them, Apple took the top position for the first time with a 20% market share and 229.2 million units shipped. Samsung lost its top spot, focusing on maintaining profitability throughout the year, with 225.4 million units shipped and a 20% market share, securing the second position.

With a shipment of 146.4 million units and a market share of 13%, Xiaomi maintained its position as the global third-largest smartphone brand and the top-selling domestic smartphone brand.

OPPO and Transsion ranked fourth and fifth, with market shares of 9% and 8% respectively.

A senior analyst at Canalys stated that due to the recovery in the Latin American, African, and Middle Eastern markets, as well as the rising consumer demand in the Asia-Pacific region, Xiaomi and Transsion both achieved significant year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter.

“It is expected that emerging markets will remain a strategic focus for most manufacturers seeking growth this year.”

2023 Global Smartphone Sales

Note: The above information is compiled from various sources by Kuaishou Technology.

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