Vietnam Enters AI Race with ViGPT Model!

Vietnam Makes Waves in AI with ViGPT Model

On January 26, according to reports from Global Times, the first Vietnamese generative pre-trained transformer (ViGPT) model opened to the public, causing quite a sensation.

The ViGPT artificial intelligence model was developed by VinBigData, a subsidiary of the Vietnamese company Vingroup. It is able to interact with users in Vietnamese, marking a new chapter in Vietnam’s AI technology sector.

Wu Hé Wén, the chief scientist of VinBigData, stated that the launch of ViGPT signifies Vietnam’s outstanding strength in artificial intelligence technology. This advancement not only helps reduce Vietnam’s reliance on foreign products but also provides a platform for better control and supervision of the circulation of information about the country’s history and culture.

A professor from Yale University in the United States highly praised this AI product. He pointed out that since ViGPT is trained using Vietnamese data, its accuracy in answering questions about Vietnam is higher compared to foreign competitors.

The global market for generative AI is rapidly expanding, with an annual growth rate of 42%. It is estimated that by 2032, the global generative AI market will reach $13 trillion, a growth of about 32 times compared to the $400 billion scale in 2022. This forecast indicates that the generative AI market is expected to experience significant growth over the next decade.

With ongoing technological advancements and increasingly diverse application scenarios, it is foreseeable that there will be a growing number of generative AI models like ViGPT in the future.

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