Vivo’s Shen Wei Discusses Tech Innovations & User Needs

Vivo 2023 Online Annual Conference and Innovation Awards Ceremony

During the recent vivo 2023 online annual conference and innovation awards ceremony, the company’s founder, president, and CEO, Shen Wei, delivered a speech titled “Moving Forward is the Answer.” He elaborated on vivo’s technological innovation and management philosophy, while also charting the course for the company’s future development.

Shen Wei Discusses Tech Innovations and User Needs

Shen Wei emphasized that vivo’s long-term investment and strategy yielded significant results in 2023, marking milestone progress in product strength, technological capability, and corporate influence. He specifically highlighted vivo’s commitment to a “user-centric” core value in the competitive smartphone market, driving “user-oriented innovation” through design and technology, and making remarkable progress in the high-end market.

In terms of technological innovation, vivo launched the “Blue-Tech” technology brand, a user-oriented innovation system aimed at promoting sustainable innovation. Shen Wei stated that vivo’s innovation capability has expanded from isolated innovations to comprehensive ones, including the Blue-Core large model, Blue-Crystal chip technology stack, Blue-Ocean endurance system, and Blue-River operating system, each with the ability to lead the industry.

Moreover, vivo focused on innovation from underlying technologies and collaborated with leading chip companies in defining SOC architecture, integrating hardware, software, and AI. Shen Wei revealed that vivo was the first in the industry to successfully implement the self-developed Blue-Core large model on mobile devices, offering users an unprecedented interactive experience.

Regarding future developments, Shen Wei indicated that vivo will consistently prioritize users and leverage technological innovation to drive continuous product innovation and brand elevation. He emphasized that users serve as the standard for products and the mirror for the brand, and vivo will delve into specific usage scenarios to create unique selling points and cater to users’ diverse needs.

In addition, vivo will continue to focus on the core demands of its partners, adhere to the principles of fairness, equity, and mutual benefit, and build a community of shared destiny to achieve mutual trust and win-win cooperation.

Finally, Shen Wei expressed three dreams for vivo: to establish a world-class corporate culture and values, provide users with world-class great products and services, and create a world-class, inspiring, and beloved brand. He underscored that the ultimate path to realizing these dreams lies in extreme user orientation, extreme innovation, and pursuit of shared enjoyment. He encouraged all employees to hold onto their ideals, persevere, and collectively propel vivo from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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