Giant Apple Vision Pro Being Built at Fifth Ave Store

Residents of New York City may have noticed construction around the glass cube at Apple’s Fifth Avenue, as a giant replica of Apple Vision Pro is being built.

Vision Pro is set to launch on February 2nd, and Apple is preparing for offline retail sales in various ways. Apart from setting up dedicated in-store demo spaces, additional decorations are being added at some locations, such as the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Photos taken on-site show that the Apple Fifth Avenue store is installing a massive Apple Vision Pro, situated inside the glass cube.

It’s currently unclear if similar installations will be adopted by other retail stores, but this is not the only change. Inside Apple stores, a large area has been sectioned off with a simple message displayed: “Get ready, great products are in store, stay tuned for February 2nd.”

Apple stores will open early on February 2nd to release the Vision Pro, and customers who have pre-ordered or booked demos will have the opportunity for a 25-minute product demonstration.

Vision Pro is a unique product introduced by Apple, designed to cater to each user with various lightweight lens options. Retail staff also undergo training on installing and demonstrating Vision Pro – unlike selling simple smartphones, customers trying out the headset require special guidance.

Starting at $3,499, consumers visiting Apple stores can purchase different models of Vision Pro based on their needs.

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