Huawei Unveils Breakthrough Body Comm Tech via Earbuds

On January 23, according to the information shown on the Tianyancha App, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. had its patent application for “Electronic Devices, Communication Devices, and Systems Based on Human Body Communication” revealed.


The screenshot is from the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office.

The abstract reveals that the application has disclosed an electronic device based on human body communication, which could be wireless earbuds or other wearable devices. It consists of the main device body, multiple signal electrodes, and adjustment circuits. The electrodes are placed at different locations on the device to form channels for communication signal transmission with the user’s body while the electronic device is in operation.

It is reported that the adjustment circuit is electrically connected to at least one signal electrode and used to adjust the operating parameters of at least one signal electrode. The multiple signal electrodes can form multiple signal transmission channels with the user’s body, enabling the superposition and complementation of signal transmission channels to achieve a broader communication bandwidth. Moreover, the adjustment circuit can regulate the operating parameters of at least one signal electrode, meeting various communication needs, effectively enhancing communication quality, and improving user experience.

The journalists from Nandu Bay Financial Society noted that the industry began exploring the application of Human-Body Communication (HBC) technology a decade ago. By integrating HBC technology into terminal devices and other electronic devices, the human body can serve as a channel for information transmission. When a person touches or interacts with different terminal devices, convenient information exchange between these devices becomes possible.

“Human-Body Communication” technology has various applications. For instance, connecting two computers quickly by touching them, transmitting body measurement data between a smart scale and a watch by establishing a connection through the user’s body when measuring weight. Additionally, in special environments like underwater swimming, devices such as earbuds and watches can also transfer data via low-frequency human-body communication technology. This technology provides a more convenient way for interconnection and communication between electronic devices.

As explained, due to signal conduction through the human body, human-body communication can prevent wire tangling, eavesdropping, and wiretapping. From an information security perspective, “human-body communication” identification technology is more secure and reliable compared to existing fingerprint and iris technologies because the biological information of the entire body is more complex and harder to decode. Moreover, the close-range communication technology based on HBC provides advantages such as security, reliability, low power consumption, and can avoid high-frequency environmental interference and the impact of the human body.

Written by: Nandu Bay Financial Society journalist Cheng Yang

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