iOS 17.4 Beta: 118 New Emojis

Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 17.4 with 118 New Emojis

Today, on January 26th, according to the tech media outlet Emojipedia, Apple has officially rolled out the first beta version of iOS 17.4 to developers.

It is reported that the update for Apple’s iOS 17.4 Beta 1 not only opens testing for sideloading in 27 European Union countries but also brings significant improvements to third-party app stores, along with the addition of 118 new emoji characters.

Among the 118 newly added emoji characters, there are 6 completely new emojis including a phoenix, a lime, a head shake (up), a head shake (down), a mushroom, and a chain. (These emoji characters are part of the Emoji 15.1 update proposed by Unicode in September 2023)

In addition, there are 4 emoji symbols representing families (without gender distinction). The remaining emoji characters, after gender and skin tone variations, sum up to 108.

According to previous reports, under the EU’s “Digital Markets Act,” Apple is required to complete these changes by March 6.

This new system enables iPhone and iPad users to download and install apps from other app stores outside the App Store. Alternative app stores will operate as iOS applications, allowing users to install other iOS applications on their iPhones and iPads.

Regarding this, Apple states that apps need to be notarized before being listed, in order to ensure accuracy and security. Furthermore, Apple will not take a commission for apps installed through other markets, nor will it take a commission for alternative payment systems.

However, Apple will charge a “core technology fee” of 0.5 euros per account per installation annually. The first 1 million installations are free for all developers; charges apply after 1 million installations.

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