Major iPhone Bug Unfixed

Major iPhone Bug Still Unfixed

iPhone Bug

As of the latest news, an issue has been persisting on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices without a proper solution. Users have reported that the “Screen Time” feature is malfunctioning. Although Apple acknowledged this problem last year, it has yet to be adequately addressed. This means that even with detailed settings such as individual usage limits for children, permitted apps, and account restrictions, the feature still fails to function properly several times a week.

This problem has sparked widespread complaints among netizens. In today’s era where children are increasingly exposed to smartphones, this feature is deemed crucial. Some have even expressed that they would find it unbearable to cope without this tool.

Previously, Apple assured iPhone users across 27 European Union countries that after the March update, functionalities like “Screen Time” and “Shared Purchases” relying on the App Store would operate accurately. However, it seems that this promise has not been fulfilled yet.

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