Revolutionary Apple Vision Pro Launches, Boosting Accessory Market!


In the early morning of June 6, 2023, Apple introduced a groundbreaking product, Apple Vision Pro, at WWDC 2023 Developer Conference, surpassing imagination and revolutionizing the future. News in July of the same year stated that Apple planned to start selling Vision Pro in global markets by the end of 2024, with an initial launch in the United States followed by sales in France, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Apple Vision Pro, unveiled by Apple on June 6, 2023, is the company’s first head-mounted display. It features multiple cameras and can be controlled by gestures, eye movements, or voice commands, offering a new generation of electronic products for work, entertainment, and communication. Equipped with Apple’s M2 chip and the specially designed R1 chip for Apple Vision Pro, this new virtual reality device promises users a more immersive experience and intelligent interaction, allowing them to delve deeper into the digital world.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro, one of the highly anticipated Apple’s new products, has attracted the attention of numerous consumers from its inception to its unveiling. Officially referred to as a “spatial computer,” Apple Vision Pro is equipped with 12 cameras, 6 microphones, 5 sensors, two 4K Micro OLED displays, two chips – M2 and the new R1, a digital crown, the world’s first head-mounted display spatial operating system VisionOS, and a dedicated app store.

As a revolutionary spatial computing device, Apple Vision Pro seamlessly integrates digital content into the real world, allowing users to be present in the moment and stay connected with others, creating an infinite canvas that breaks free from the constraints of traditional screens. It offers users a completely new 3D interactive experience, enabling them to control with the most natural and intuitive input methods using their eyes, hands, or voice. Apple Vision Pro runs on the groundbreaking spatial operating system visionOS, making digital content interact with users as if it existed in the real world.

Beyond imagination, shaping the future, this is the charm of Apple Vision Pro. This new device will offer you an unprecedented experience, allowing you to feel the power of technology in every click, swipe, and touch. With its groundbreaking performance and innovative design, Apple Vision Pro will redefine your digital life. Let’s embrace the arrival of the future together.

The groundbreaking design of Apple Vision Pro includes an ultra-high-resolution display system with 23 million pixels spread across two screens and a custom Apple chip design with unique dual-chip architecture, delivering an immersive real-time experience to every user.

Surpassing human vision, exploring the unknown. Apple Vision Pro promises an unparalleled visual experience for everyone. Every detail, every innovation brims with anticipation for the future. From now on, the way you see the world can be extraordinary. This is Apple Vision Pro, a device that changes the way you perceive the world.

With such an outstanding device like Apple Vision Pro being the world’s first head-mounted display, it will undoubtedly give rise to a wide range of related accessories and ecosystem products to enhance user experience. Users of Apple Vision Pro may use a variety of accessories and peripherals to meet their individual needs. These accessories include wireless charging docks, power banks, docking stations, motion trackers, protective accessories, controllers and handles, motion peripherals, tactile sensors, among others. These accessories not only improve charging efficiency, expand device functionality, and protect the device from damage but also enhance user experience and usability.

Analysis of Apple Vision Pro Accessories and Peripheral Requirements

With the continuous development of technology, accessories and peripherals have become an indispensable part of smart devices. For the upcoming release of the Apple Vision Pro, we are predicting and discussing the accessories and peripherals that might be used. After the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, a list of peripherals and accessories that could generate positive effects has been compiled for the charging head. These include wireless charging docks, power banks, docking stations, motion trackers, protective decorations, interchangeable straps, controllers and grips, stands, wearables, motion sensing peripherals, haptic clothing, touch sensors, and eye massagers.

Wireless Charging Dock

As technology advances, wireless charging technology has gradually become a convenient way to charge devices. Being on the cutting edge of technology, the Apple Vision Pro naturally supports wireless charging. Therefore, an appropriate and futuristic wireless charging dock will become one of the essential accessories. Not only can a wireless charging dock provide fast charging for the Apple Vision Pro, but it can also power other devices for users, freeing them from the constraints of cables and allowing for a more liberated use of the Apple Vision Pro.

Power Bank

While wireless charging is a convenient way to charge, in certain situations, such as for users who are frequently on the go or use their devices for extended periods, a power bank is still necessary. For instance, when users encounter low battery levels while using the Apple Vision Pro outdoors or in other scenarios, they can quickly replenish the battery with a power bank to enhance the product’s battery life and provide users with a better product experience.

Docking Station

The Apple Vision Pro may have abundant storage space and outstanding display performance, making a docking station essential. Through the Apple Vision Pro docking station, controllers, charging docks, and other peripherals can be connected together, enabling users to manage and use these devices conveniently and unlock more potential for the Apple Vision Pro. A docking station is a peripheral that expands device interfaces, allowing users to connect additional devices such as motion trackers, charging docks, grips, monitors, wearables, and more.

Motion Tracker

The Apple Vision Pro motion tracker can monitor users’ body movements, enabling users to engage in more natural movements and interactions in virtual environments. Considering that the Apple Vision Pro may have breakthroughs in human-computer interaction, the motion tracker is likely to become one of its popular accessories. For users who require interaction, a motion tracker is a good choice.

Protective Decorations

The Apple Vision Pro may feature a more stylish and streamlined design, making protective decorations essential accessories for it. Protective decorations can safeguard the Apple Vision Pro from scratches, drops, and other damages, making the product’s appearance more aligned with users’ preferences. These accessories include protective cases, covers, stickers, and more.

Interchangeable Straps

Due to variations in users’ head sizes and sensitivities to materials, there will inevitably be many “imitation” application accessories on the market. Given the unique way of wearing the product, headbands are undoubtedly crucial accessories that require a design for interchangeability. Therefore, different materials and styles of straps may appear on the market, providing users with a better experience with the Apple Vision Pro.

Controllers and Grips

For users who require more precise control or play large-scale games, controllers and grips will be a good choice. Controllers and grips offer a more intuitive and precise way of control, enhancing users’ gaming experience. Considering that the Apple Vision Pro may support a more extensive range of games and applications, controllers and grips are likely to become part of its accessories.


A product that can be used to place the Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to store or place the device at any time. These stands are typically made of lightweight and sturdy materials, easily installable in various positions, ensuring the stability and safety of the device. They allow users to mount the Apple Vision Pro on tables, walls, or ceilings in different environments, making it more convenient to use the device for entertainment, learning, or work. Moreover, stands can be customized according to users’ preferences to meet different usage needs by incorporating various interesting features such as wireless charging, lighting effects, cooling, and foldability.

In public places such as malls, stores, or exhibition halls, stands can be used to mount the Apple Vision Pro on counters, walls, and other fixtures. This enables more efficient and convenient product displays, teaching, or information services.


Wearables are smart devices that seamlessly connect with the Apple Vision Pro. They can establish connections wirelessly or wired, allowing users to use the Apple Vision Pro’s various functions more conveniently. By utilizing these devices, users can better leverage the various functions of the Apple Vision Pro, enhancing the product’s playability and user experience.

For example, users can control the Apple Vision Pro’s playback, pause, volume adjustment, and more by wearing a smart wristband. This way, users can conveniently use a wide range of Apple Vision Pro functions without relying on other devices. Moreover, smart wristbands can monitor users’ usage data to provide services like exercise data, health indicators, and more, offering users a comprehensive health management service.

Motion Sensing Peripherals

As the ways of human-computer interaction continue to evolve, motion sensors, as an essential part of human-computer interaction, have been increasingly applied in various fields. # Apple Vision Pro: Revolutionizing User Experience in Gaming, Fitness, and Healthcare

The sensory peripherals of Apple Vision Pro shine brightly in various fields such as gaming, fitness, and healthcare.

In the gaming realm, the application of sensory peripherals is the most widespread. By using these peripherals, players can control their in-game characters through their own movements and gestures, thus enhancing the realism of the gaming experience and allowing players to immerse themselves more deeply in the game.

Sensory peripherals also find varying degrees of application in the fitness field. By simulating various exercise scenarios, users can enjoy a comprehensive fitness experience at home. Additionally, these peripherals can be used to monitor users’ exercise data, helping them better understand their physical condition and the effectiveness of their fitness routines.

The potential applications of sensory peripherals in the healthcare field are extensive. For instance, these peripherals can be used for rehabilitation training to help patients recover limb functions. Furthermore, they can monitor patients’ vital signs and movements, providing doctors with more accurate patient information.

Haptic Clothing

Fans of the movie “Ready Player One” are sure to be familiar with the haptic clothing featured in the film. According to, earlier this year, Apple obtained a patent for “smart fabric with electrical components,” which integrates various sensors into the seams of clothing to enable deeper interaction. The two product designers behind this patent are well-known; one previously collaborated with Nike to develop the Flyknit technology, while the other has 30 years of experience in film and television production, having worked on movies like “Terminator” and “Westworld.”

Apple stated in the patent description that integrating electrical components into fabric is a challenging task. Since fabric products are flexible, installing sensors or components on them can be quite difficult, especially considering that electrical components must be coupled with signal pathways (such as data transmission signals, power supply signals, etc.). Therefore, improving existing technologies to better incorporate electrical components into fabric-based items is crucial for creating superior haptic clothing. It is hoped that other manufacturers can develop similar peripherals or haptic clothing like in “Ready Player One” to allow users to delve deeper into the mysteries of Apple Vision Pro.

Touch Sensors

There are various types of touch sensors available for users of Apple Vision Pro to choose from based on different application scenarios and needs. For example, resistive touch sensors can detect touch positions and pressure, while capacitive touch sensors can detect touch movements and gestures. Additionally, there are touch sensors based on piezoelectric effects, infrared touch sensors, and more. Currently, some tactile peripherals and touch sensors on the market still need improvement in terms of accuracy and stability, limiting their application to gaming, fitness, healthcare, etc. With the advent of new technologies and materials, it is hoped that manufacturers can introduce more precise and stable sensors and expand their application to other areas like education and industry.

Eye Massager

After prolonged use of Apple Vision Pro, users are likely to maintain high levels of concentration and intense eye use. Introducing a specialized eye massager tailored for Apple Vision Pro can quickly alleviate eye fatigue and promote relaxation. This not only guarantees eye health but also embodies the perfect blend of technology and well-being.

As a high-tech eye massager, it features intelligent recognition technology, multiple massage modes, and other advanced functions. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures user comfort during use. Additionally, it is equipped with intelligent voice assistants, wireless charging capabilities, various massage relaxation modes, etc., making it convenient for users to relax and relieve eye strain at any time, thus better protecting eye health.’s Conclusion

With the release of Apple Vision Pro, a new wave of technological trends is undoubtedly being set, attracting the attention of numerous users. Along this trend, third-party manufacturers will introduce headbands, cases, neck straps, eye patches, and other fashionable accessories compatible with this device to meet users’ demand for personalized decorations. Furthermore, third-party digital accessories and peripherals related to visual experiences will emerge, enhancing the overall user experience. In addition, Apple Vision Pro seamlessly integrates with other Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, enabling users to interact with these devices more conveniently in conjunction with virtual reality devices.

With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, its peripheral accessory market will witness new opportunities and development. Third-party manufacturers need to keep up with the trends, innovate continually, and introduce products that meet user demands to enhance user experience and increase product value. Simultaneously, users need to closely follow market dynamics and product information, selecting accessories that suit their needs and provide the best user experience.

According to, the world’s leading consumer electronics brand MOMAX has officially announced the launch of the Vision Pro project to develop a series of peripheral products for Apple Vision Pro. As an officially authorized brand by Apple, MOMAX is currently developing a series of peripherals specifically designed for Vision Pro. Enhancing the battery life and charging speed of Vision Pro will be the next breakthrough point. MOMAX is committed to continuous innovation, seeking better solutions to enhance performance and ensure users experience the ultimate experience while using Vision Pro.

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