Xiaomi users most loyal among Android, says Wang Teng. Survey agrees?

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Recently, the topic of “which mobile phone brand has the highest user loyalty” has been trending online, sparking intense discussions among netizens. In response, the general manager of Redmi and the brand spokesperson shared some data, indicating that Xiaomi ranks first in user loyalty among Android phone brands. However, a new survey indicates that Xiaomi’s user loyalty is not ranked first.


Xiaomi Smartphone

Wang Teng stated on Weibo that he had seen a statistical report showing Xiaomi as the top Android brand. He emphasized that the proportion is basically consistent with our daily statistics. From the image shared by Wang Teng, it shows the data of typical smartphone brand preferences in December 2023. The highlighted numbers represent the proportion of users sticking to the same brand, which essentially reflects brand loyalty.

Wang Teng's Weibo

Wang Teng’s Weibo Post

Specifically, Apple has the highest proportion, reaching 52.8%, followed by Xiaomi at 49.0%. In addition, the proportion for OPPO, Huawei, and Vivo falls within the range of 30% to 40%. Based on this, Wang Teng’s claim that Xiaomi is the “number one Android brand” is not without merit.

Survey Results

However, according to a poll initiated by Weibo Digital, out of over 5,000 participants, nearly 2,500 people believe that Apple has the highest user loyalty, which is consistent with the previous data and is unlikely to be questioned by anyone. Additionally, nearly 1,500 people consider Huawei to have the highest user loyalty, accounting for almost 29%. Almost 600 participants believe that Xiaomi has the highest user loyalty, higher than brands like Vivo and Samsung. Of course, this data only represents the perception of user loyalty towards mobile phone brands among netizens and cannot directly equate to the true situation of loyalty.

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