Apple’s New VisionOS 1.0.1 Launches

Apple Releases VisionOS 1.0.1 Update for Vision Pro

On January 24th, according to developers, Apple has rolled out the VisionOS 1.0.1 update for Vision Pro. This update is minor in scale and primarily focuses on bug fixes.

It is known that Vision Pro comes pre-installed with visionOS 1.0 upon factory delivery, and users can update to version 1.0.1 once they receive the device.

Public information indicates that visionOS is Apple’s first operating system specifically designed for spatial computing. It is built upon the foundation of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, sharing core modules with these systems on an architectural level.

The features of visionOS include iOS and spatial frameworks, a multi-application 3D engine, audio engine, dedicated rendering subsystems, and real-time subsystems – with the real-time subsystem being utilized on the Apple Vision Pro for processing interactive visual effects.

Different from other AR/VR operating systems, visionOS truly revolutionizes how users interact with Vision Pro. Users can navigate applications by simply gazing, tapping lightly with a finger, or using voice commands.

It’s worth noting that Apple will unveil visionOS 2.0 at WWDC in June this year, promising even more exciting features and functionalities.


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