Farewell to Nokia, HMD Unveils New Phone Look

HMD Global Unveils New Design Language for Future Self-branded Phones

On February 2nd, IT Home reported that HMD Global has ceased production of phones under the “Nokia” brand. Today, the company updated its official website to share the design language for its future self-branded products.

While the images shared on the website are merely indicative, they still reveal the product design direction for the company’s upcoming phones. Although it cannot be confirmed whether HMD’s own-brand products will feature such vibrant colors, the renders in blue, green, and pink indeed look stunning.

IT Home notes: In the promotional images revealed this time, one phone adopts a dual-camera design with rounded edges and corners. Another picture shows a triple-camera setup, featuring a main camera and two auxiliary cameras, along with a USB-C port and a 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom.

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