Network Overhaul: Data Core Hub

The Importance of a Well-Equipped Data Center

The core data center serves as the central hub for all information and communication management. It houses crucial IT servers, network equipment, and data storage devices. This facility demands high-quality power supply to ensure uninterrupted operations 24/7. Due to the valuable equipment inside and high environmental standards, measures must be taken to prevent fire, water damage, dust accumulation, and static electricity. Moreover, with the complexity of the data center system and numerous internal and external connections, comprehensive consideration and overall planning are essential.

Data Center

  • A modular data center employs a fully sealed system that is dustproof, soundproof, quick to deploy, and energy-efficient.
  • It features functionalities such as insect, rodent, and lightning protection.
  • Components include uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with main units and maintenance-free battery packs.
  • Additional systems like lightning protection, grounding systems, air conditioning, ventilation systems, and KVM systems are in place.
  • Comprehensive environmental monitoring allows real-time tracking of parameters and operational status, such as temperature, humidity, voltage, current, mains power, smoke, fire, leaks, etc., through cloud-based management platforms, apps, WeChat platforms, etc.

Data Center

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