Who’s Snapping Up Huawei Mate60s?

The Craze Surrounding Huawei Mate60 Series in China

When it comes to the hottest domestically produced smartphones, the Huawei Mate60 series certainly stands out. Since its release, these phones have been in such high demand that they have yet to be readily available, although with the increasing supply, getting your hands on one is getting easier. This level of popularity is evident from various data points. According to Canalys, in the fourth quarter of last year, Huawei shipped over ten million units of Mate60, breaking into the top five in the Chinese market with a staggering 47% year-on-year increase, making it the dark horse of that quarter!

An image showing the popularity of Huawei Mate60 series

Even more impressively, as revealed by a well-known digital influencer, the Huawei Mate60 series has outsold all previous Mate series combined in just four months. The success of this series can be attributed to several factors.

An image highlighting the success factors of Huawei Mate60 series

Firstly, the return of the Kirin chipset, although not officially announced and rather “low-key,” has been confirmed through various channels to support 5G networks. Developing chips under restrictions is no easy feat for Huawei, making this phone a pride of the domestic smartphone industry. There is every reason to support it!

An image showcasing the Kirin chipset as a key factor

Secondly, the Mate series has always been a bestseller among Huawei phones and represents the high-end segment of domestic smartphones with a large supporter base. Lastly, the phone’s own capabilities stand out, from self-developed chips to satellite mobile terminals to the independently created HarmonyOS system, providing an enhanced user experience.

An image displaying the features of Huawei Mate60 series

But who exactly is switching to the Huawei Mate60 series? According to research data, in the fourth quarter of last year, over half of the users switching to the Mate60 series were existing Huawei users, which is understandable given the strong brand loyalty of Huawei smartphone users. Moreover, with its robust configurations, especially in the Pro version with features like 3D facial recognition, variable aperture main camera, and periscope telephoto lens, along with second-generation Kunpeng glass and Xuanwu framework body across the series, the durability has significantly improved. Switching from older models will indeed show noticeable upgrades.

An image revealing the user demographics switching to Huawei Mate60 series

Moving on to Honor and Vivo, the connection with Honor, having been part of the Huawei family in the past, indicates a seamless transition for many Honor users back to Huawei’s embrace with the official return of the Mate series.

Overall, with the increased production capacity of the Mate60 series, getting your hands on one is now less challenging. Have you noticed people around you switching to Mate60 from which smartphones? Worth mentioning is the upcoming P70 series, expected to bring camera upgrades, promising continued success for Huawei smartphones in the near future!

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