Honor Magic6 Now on Sale: 6 Top Techs

On January 18, the Honor Magic6 series officially launched sales through all channels. Just as predicted by the industry beforehand, due to its cutting-edge technology and user experience, it has been well-received by consumers, resulting in a high demand both online and offline. The long queues outside Honor stores across various locations and the continuous flow of consumers inside trying out and purchasing the new devices all attest to its strong appeal.

Honor Magic6 on Sale

The success of the Honor Magic6 series can be attributed to two main factors. Firstly, its high-end brand positioning has already established a strong brand appeal for Honor. Secondly, its powerful product features set it apart. The inclusion of six industry-leading technologies – Honor Hongyan Communication, second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, Honor Mammoth glass, DSLR-level Eagle Eye camera, Oasis Eye Protection Screen, and Magic OS system – has defined a new flagship standard.

Top Techs of Honor Magic6

Consumer feedback highlights the popularity of the eye protection screen technology in the Honor Magic6 series. This series adopts the all-scenario low-power 8T LTPO display technology. As a next-generation display technology, the 8T LTPO provides the screen with higher brightness, lower afterimages, and minimal flicker, ensuring outstanding display smoothness and brightness uniformity. From a technological perspective, the 8T LTPO screen sets a trend for the industry.

Eye Protection Screen of Honor Magic6

The Honor Magic6 series has obtained Rhine low blue light certification with zero risk of flicker while adjusting brightness. Additionally, it offers natural light eye protection, sleep-assist display, hardware-level low blue light, and natural color display, passing the VICO A+ visual comfort test by the China National Institute of Standardization. It can be said that the eye protection feature of the Honor Magic6 series is top-notch in the industry.

Market Impact of Honor Magic6

With a warming trend in the market, domestic smartphone brands are making a new push into the high-end market. The success of the Honor Magic6 series undeniably sets a new milestone for the entire industry’s innovative development.

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