US Ban: Apple Launches O2-Free Watch

January 18, 2024 13:33:58, Written by: Yao Liwei

The news of Apple Watch being banned from sales in the United States has sparked widespread attention. It is known that Apple has encountered intellectual property disputes with Masimo, a medical technology company, over technologies such as blood oxygen detection. The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled that both the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 have infringed on some of Masimo’s blood oxygen sensor patents, leading to a sales ban on these two products.

In response, Apple has stated its intention to continue appealing and has faith that the United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals will overturn this decision. Apple emphasizes that while complying with the directive, measures are being taken to ensure that customers can still use the limited functionality Apple Watch. However, Apple also points out that previously purchased Apple Watch devices with blood oxygen features will not be affected.

Reportedly, Apple is urgently developing a new blood oxygen algorithm to circumvent Masimo’s patented technology. This incident undoubtedly poses a setback for Apple, yet it also underscores the greater competitive pressure the company faces in the realm of innovation.

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