Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi: Updates & New Phones

Updates and New Phones from vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi

In a fiercely competitive mobile phone market, major brands are making frantic efforts to excel, from vivo and OPPO to Xiaomi, all gearing up for significant announcements.

As time passes, these three brands have unveiled new developments, including system updates from vivo, news of new models from OPPO and Xiaomi entering the market.

In this scenario, users eagerly anticipating system updates or new models really need to exercise patience as the changes introduced are truly significant.

The crucial point is that as brands intensify their efforts, user experience is bound to improve, signaling the mobile phone market’s transition to the next stage.


Regarding vivo phones, vivo has announced the recruitment for public testing of OriginOS 4 for 7 models: vivo X Fold+, X Fold, X Note, iQOO 10, iQOO Neo8, iQOO 10 Pro, and iQOO Neo8 Pro.

Many users have reported not receiving the new versions, requiring them to update to specific versions beforehand to receive the updates.

Specifically, vivo X Fold+ should be updated to, X Fold to, and X Note to

Additionally, iQOO 10 should be updated to, iQOO 10 Pro to, iQOO Neo8 to, and iQOO Neo8 Pro to


OriginOS 4 brings significant changes, notably the introduction of the “Blue Core XiaoV,” a global intelligent assistant developed based on vivo’s proprietary LBS large model, making it the most appealing new feature of this generation of OriginOS.

The system has undergone updates in terms of fluency, user-friendliness, security, design, and human care, with considerable changes in place.

A remarkable aspect is the redesign of over 2000 system icons and the addition of real-time blur effects, restoring a sense of physical world space, enabling clearer layouts according to vivo.

Hence, users can anticipate an excellent post-update experience, leading to an overall enhancement in consumer experience.


Moving on to OPPO phones, at a previous event, OPPO officially launched the latest flagship phone, the Find X7 series, and announced the Find X7 Ultra Satellite Communication version.

However, the new phone was not unveiled at that time; based on Bluetooth certification, the device has received certification and will offer a 1TB storage version.

Slightly disappointing is that apart from satellite communication, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra Satellite Communication version seems identical in configuration to the previous version.

This implies that users’ desire to choose this version is primarily driven by only two factors: satellite communication and the 1TB large memory, with a relatively low inclination for other aspects.


Finally, concerning Xiaomi phones, a “Professional Photography Handle (Power Bank)” product by Xiaomi Communications Technology Co., Ltd. passed the 3C certification on the 16th, manufactured by “Blu-ray Technology,” with the product model as 2402CPS69C.

It’s worth noting that at the previous Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone launch event, Xiaomi introduced a wireless photography handle supporting dual-stage shutter buttons and zoom functions.

This indicates that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra might not be far away, expected to bring significant upgrades in terms of imaging, generating high levels of anticipation.

The leaks regarding the Xiaomi 14 Ultra are quite clear, raising users’ expectations substantially.


For instance, the design adopts a square edge middle frame, with a slightly curved screen, expected to offer color options like blue glass, orange silicone, and black silicone.

Moreover, maintaining a micro-curved screen and size, the battery cover retains a streamlined raised design, with the metal frame no longer extending to the battery cover, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Core specifications include Snapdragon 8 Gen3, supporting LPDDR5X and USF4.0, satellite communication, and a battery capacity exceeding 5000mAh.

In terms of imaging, the main camera features a 50MP Sony LYT900 sensor lens, accompanied by three 50MP secondary camera lenses.


In conclusion, vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi have introduced new developments, signifying an increase in their efforts, and the upcoming mobile phone market is set to become lively.

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