Blogger’s forecast: Huawei P70 to cost less than Mate 60, starting around $500.

After the Spring Festival, many flagship new models are expected to be unveiled. Xiaomi has officially announced that Lu Weibing will be the keynote speaker for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, set to be released around late February. Following tradition, Huawei will also hold a new product launch event in spring, introducing a new model in the P series.

According to current information, Huawei’s annual imaging flagship P70 series is ready, featuring a new distinctive “triangular” design, ensuring high recognition.


Both P50 and P60 are 4G models. As the P series returns to 5G after four years with the P70 series, it has attracted considerable attention, with many details about its features already leaked.

Recently, a well-known tech blogger, “Factory Manager Guan,” hinted during an interaction with netizens that the price of the P70 series will be similar to that of the Mate 60 series.


The four models of the Mate 60 series are priced as follows:

  • Mate60: 12+256GB – ¥5499, 12+512GB – ¥5999, 12+1TB – ¥6999;
  • Mate60 Pro: 12+256GB – ¥6499, 12+512GB – ¥6999, 12+1TB – ¥7999;
  • Mate60 Pro+: 16+512GB – ¥8999, 16+1TB – ¥9999;
  • Mate 60 RS Porsche Design: 16+512GB – ¥11999, 16+1TB – ¥12999.


For the previously released P60 series, the prices were as follows:

  • P60: 128GB – ¥4488, 256GB – ¥4988, 512GB – ¥5988;
  • P60 Pro: 256GB – ¥6988, 512GB – ¥7988;
  • P60 Art: 512GB – ¥8988, 1TB – ¥10988.


The 128GB version has already been removed from the Mate60 series. It’s expected that the P70 series will also start from 256GB, with P70 and P70 Pro models offering a 1TB option. Personally, the P70 series is anticipated to have slightly higher starting prices than the P60 series:

  • P70: 256GB – ¥5288, 512GB – ¥5788, 1TB – ¥6788
  • P70 Pro: 256GB – ¥6288, 512GB – ¥6788, 1TB – ¥7788
  • P70 Art: 512GB – ¥8788, 1TB – ¥9788

Therefore, it is expected that the prices of P70 Pro/Art will be cheaper than the previous generation, with the standard version being slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

When asked if the P70 series will include a Coco white color option, the blogger indicated that the P70 series will have a white color but might not necessarily be named Coco white.

The Coco white variant in the P60 series featured a unique light-sensing mother-of-pearl technology, incorporating natural materials to gather brilliance, demonstrating exquisite craftsmanship with natural textures, making each unit unique. Each “Coco White” colored P60 series phone is distinctive, leading to a playful anticipation akin to a “gemstone gamble” as users await to unveil the back cover before purchase.


Regarding specifications, the P70 series will be equipped with the same Kirin 9000S chip as the Mate60 series, supporting 5G. The P70 and P70 Pro models are expected to feature a main camera of HaoWei OV50H, while the P70 Art will come with an IMX989 main camera, marking Huawei’s first 1-inch large sensor imaging flagship.

The features highlighted in the Mate60 series such as the second-generation Kunpeng glass, Xuanwu architecture, and satellite call function will also be present in the P70 series. Moreover, there are expectations for new breakthroughs in terms of performance enhancements.

The blogger predicts that the price of the Huawei P70 series will be slightly cheaper than the Mate60 series, starting from above ¥5000. What price do you think the P70 series will be offered at?

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